• Holux M-87 M87 GPS Receiver Module MTK GPS Solution with Antenna

Holux M-87 M87 GPS Receiver Module MTK GPS Solution with Antenna

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Holux M-87 M87 GPS Receiver Module MTK GPS Solution with Antenna
- M-87 is an easy used 25.4 x 25.4 x 7 mm GPS module designed by low power consumption MTK GPS solution. It provides superior sensitivity up to -159dBm and fast Time-To-First-Fix in navigation application. The stable performance of M-87 is your best choice to be embedded in your portable device design, like PND for GPS service.
- Small form factor: 25.4 x 25.4 x 7 mm
- RoHS/WEEE compliant 
- High sensitivity -159dBm
- Searching up to 32 Channel of satellites
Fast Position Fix
- Low power consumption
- RTCM- in ready.
- Built-in WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS Demodulator.
- Support NMEA0183 V 3.01 data protocol.
- Real time navigation for location based services.
- Embedded MMCX connector.
- For Car Navigation, Marine Navigation, Fleet Management, AVL and Location-Based Services, Auto Pilot, Personal Navigation or touring devices, Tracking devices/systems and Mapping devices application
- GPS technology: MTK GPS chipset
- Frequency: L1,1575.42MHZ
- C/A Code: 1.023MHZ chip rate
- Channels: 32 channels all in view searching
- Sensitivity: Better than -159dBm
- Receiver Accuracy(Follow MTK chip specification)

- Without aid:3.0 M 2D-RMS
- Velocity: Without aid:0.1 M/sec
- Time: 0.1μs. Sync GPS time.
- Datum: WGS84(Default) total 219 datum's
Time to First Fix (Follow MTK chip specification)
- Hot start: 1 sec. average
- Warm start: 33 sec. average
- Cold start: 36 sec. average
- Reacquisition: <1sec.
- GPS Output Data:NMEA0183(v3.1)- GGA,GSA,GSV,RMC,VTG Support Baud rate 4800/9600/… ./115200 bps (default 4800), Data bit:8,Stop bit:1, No parity. 
- Update Rata: 1Hz(default)
- Protocol Support: NMEA-0183
- 1PPS
- Enable(1Hz pulse 1% duty cycle)
- Limitations (Follow MTK chip specification
- Acceleration Limit: <4G
- Altitude Limit: <18000 meters
- Velocity Limit: <515 M/sec
- Jerk Limit: 20 M/sec3
- Operation Current: Acquisition:60 mAat3.3V
- Operation Current: Tracking:<45mAat3.3V
- Backup power 3V Rechargeable Lithium cell battery,up to 500 hours discharge
- DC Input Range: VCC 3.3~5.0V
Processing Core
- Processor Type: ARM7EJ-S
- Interface: CMOS 2.8 V Level
- Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C .
- Storage Temperature: -20°C to +85°C.
- Operating Humidity: 5% to 95%, Non condensing
- Dimension: 25.4 x 25.4 x 7 mm.
- Weight: 7g.
- Interface: Connector 6-pin straight male header,1.25mm pitch

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