• Panda Autopilot System with Remote Adapter & GPS & Hornet OSD for FPV
  • Panda Autopilot System with Remote Adapter & GPS & Hornet OSD for FPV

Panda Autopilot System with Remote Adapter & GPS & Hornet OSD for FPV

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Panda Autopilot System with Remote Adapter & GPS & Hornet OSD for FPV

PANDA is an advanced autopilot with patented Attitude Flight Stabilization System AFSS™ that allows you to view and change in real time the flight parameters of your flying aircraft via your Ground Control Station (GCS).With the PANDA, autopilot flight via the GCS has never been simpler.

- Waypoint setting while in flight
- Automated altitude control
- Ground speed control
- Activation of circling at given points
- Control of circling radius
- Automated Return to Home (RTH)
- Automated take-off according the route setting.

Real time telemetry data transmitted to the GCS include:
- Main battery voltage and mAh consumed,
- GPS signal strength,
- Plane attitude flight stabilization system (AFSS) status,
- All parameters as shown on the On Screen Display (OSD)

Major Auto Pilot Components

1.PANDA provides high-precision flight attitude measurement and control through the utilization of an integrated 32 bits microprocessor, GPS receiver, three-axis MEMS gyros, three-axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetic sensor, accurate barometric pressure sensor, attitude algorithm, Kalman filtering and data fusion algorithms.

2.Combined the attitude module and the control module, get more small volume and lighter weight.

3.Realize auto take off and auto land, maximum reduce the operating pressure.

4.Can accord to the plane internal space to adjust the install direction , easier to complete the connection.

5.10Hz data rate GPS receiver, 35 seconds fast positioning time and accuracy of 2.5 meters CEP. The GPS can record the positional parameter with battery , the locating time greatly improved.

6.100HZ inner attitude control, 10HZ outer navigation control.

7.Multi-channel mixed-control output can be adjusted with ease. The control options include:
- Elevator and rudder navigation
- Elevator, aileron and rudder navigation
- Elevator and aileron mixed-control (elevon) navigation
- V-tail rudder may be used, however a third party mixer have to be supplied by the user.

8.Three control modes:
- Manual Mode
- AFSS activated (Active Stabilization)
- Automatic navigation control

9.Two automated navigation control modes:
- Air route navigation mode
- Mouse controlled flight mode

10.Three special flight modes:
- Fixed circling mode
- Auto Return to Home (RTH) mode
- Auto take-off mode

11.Any standard RC transmitter and receiver can be used with this system.

12.Automated RTH (Return to Home) protection when there is a break in GCS communication link via the data radios. This time the system is working only in the data radio control mode.

13.Record the information, such as, longitude, latitude, altitude, speed, photo flight attitude etc, when combined with the POS data record module.

14.The GCS software helps integrate Automated and Manual flight control modes in an easy to use display interface.

15.The GCS software includes electronic map formatting. By using the electronic map, aircraft route and tasks can be modified in real-time via your GCS computer.

16.Real time display on the GCS includes flight parameters such as main pack voltage, mAh consumed, Amp draw, GPS satellite strength and temperature of the autopilot unit.

17.All flight parameters are downloaded automatically by the GCS for instant playback.

18.IMPORTANT: GCS Function
- When using the Data Radio to control the aircraft, the controlling signals from the RC Receiver is directly sent to the Remote Adapter and converted to digital signals. The Data Radio will then upload the commands to your aircraft via the data radio.
- The GCS is only used to monitor telemetry and flight status of the aircraft. Transmission of commands is minimal. i.e. the aircraft is mainly controlled by your RC Transmitter. The autopilot still can realize most of the functions (for example, air route setting, RTH, circling) without the GCS.

19.Support the firmware update, can update by yourself.

Panda autopilot without data radio includes:
- Panda Autopilotmodule
- Panda Remote Adapter Board)
- FYGPS(10HZ)Module
- Hornet OSD Module
- FYCS100 Current Sensor
- Ground Station GCS Software
- Related Wirings

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