• 4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function
  • 4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function
  • 4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function
  • 4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function
  • 4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function

4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function

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4K 7" IPC Tester IP Camera Tester CCTV Tester H.265 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) IPC-X Full Function

Version Introduction:

· IPC-X Basic Version: IP + Analog + HDMI Output
· IPC-X Full Function: IP + Analog + Cable Tracking + HDMI Input & Output + 8MP (AHD + CVI + TVI + SDI) + Multimeter + Optical Power Meter + Red Light Source + TDR Cable Breakpoint Test

- Screen: Ultra clear IPS display 1920*1200
- Network IPC Monitor:
* 4K 12MP H.265, H.264, MPEG4 network camera main stream test.
* Supports batch activation for Hikvision & Dahua, batch modification of IP, one-click video viewing, parameter setting, and PTZ operation.
* Support one-key drawing of webcams of any brand in the market, change IP, etc.
* New IP speed detection, automatic search for unknown camera IP in the whole network segment
* Virtual ONVIF network camera function, Gigabit and 100M network adaptation.
- WiFi Function: support to turn on wireless WIFI hotspot, easily connect and test wireless WIFI camera
- Network Cable Test: brand new network cable jumper: sorting, continuity test, visual display network cable sorting diagram, network cable making artifact
- Network Cable TDR Quality Detection: You can test the parameters of network cable pair status, length, attenuation, quality, reflectivity, impedance, delay deviation, etc., to judge the quality of network cable
- Screen Projection: the screen of the instrument can be projected to mobile phones and other devices to facilitate the sharing of image information
- Analog Function: Support standard analog camera, video recording, PTZ operation
- Four Power Supply Modes: Support POE power supply and detection, 5V, 12V, 24VDC power supply and detection
- PPPOE Test: support PPPOE dial test and network bandwidth test
- System: You can install client software for Android by yourself, support for QQ WeChat, etc. APK

More Functions:

- Cable Tracker: No noise tracking, support PoE switch hunting, no interference
- Coaxial HD: Coaxial HD camera, maximum support upgrade to 8MP
- HDMI Input: HDMI high-definition signal input, maximum support 1080p 60fps
- Red Light Source: 650nm visible red light emitter, used to detect optical fiber bending and breaking
- Optical Power Meter: Multi-wavelength optical power meter can be used for fiber line loss measurement
- TDR Cable: TDR cable breakpoint test, the maximum length can be measured to 1000 meters, can visually display the length of each cable, can test the quality of the crystal head
- Image Quality: It can be used for image quality analysis, which is convenient for construction workers to adjust the focus (together with coaxial HD)

More Details:
- Camera batch preview: Support one-key 16-channel network camera preview at the same time. Support for Hikvision, Dahua and other network cameras.
- Batch operation for Hikvision cameras: Support one-click batch activation. One-click batch modify IP, and support one-click video. You can view and modify IP and other parameters without judging whether ONVIF is turned on.
- Batch operation for Dahua cameras: Support one-click batch activation. One-click batch modification of IP.
- Low cost and high efficiency: 1080P HD, WIFI hotspot, customizable functions, H.265 4K test.
- 1080P HD pixels: Upgrade 1920x1200 ultra-clear display. IPC-X is optimized for each manufacturer agreement or customized special software for viewing images or modifying parameters.
- Not afraid of falling and collision: the silicone sleeve is tough and wear-resistant, and it is drop-proof and collision-proof.
- 4K H.265, H.264, MPEG4 network main stream test, network cable sequence test, network cable quality TDR test, Gigabit Ethernet test.
- Camera power load detection: Upgrade hardware to support power supply load detection for 12V camera, 24V ball head camera, and PoE camera. You can visually see the wattage of relevant power load. Understand the camera power supply problem.
- Using the new decoding technology section to directly play 4K H.265, H.264, MPEG4 network monitoring video, the picture quality is delicate and smooth, and the details are clearly visible.
- WIFI hotspot and screen projection: support WiFi hotspot, can debug wireless camera. And support screen projection, you can share the screen of the current instrument, support for Android, Apple, computer and Winphone BlackBerry and other mobile phones for viewing.
- Add virtual IPC camera function: connect CCTV tester to NVR recorder, NVR recorder can scan and recognize the virtual network camera, and can play image video for diagnosis recorder function.
- Highly customized system for Android: more than 800 system optimizations to make the system play various video images more smoothly, and support users to install various applications for Android independently. Support for Youku, iQiyi and other applications.
- One-screen multi-display window: support network and analog high-definition (HDMI input) display at the same time, analog high-level (HDMI input) can be opened in the pull-down menu for testing, but general customers please ignore it, this is only under certain special needs Only need to be used at the same time. The large picture is a network camera, and the small picture is a coaxial high-definition camera.
- Network cable TDR quality inspection: It can directly test the status of network cable pair, and can directly display the parameters of network cable length, attenuation, quality, reflectivity, impedance and so on. The quality of network cable can be judged in turn, and the maximum testable length is 200m.
- Network cable sorting continuity test: can directly display the network cable continuity and connection status, built-in network cable sequence diagram, with line length test TDR function can directly detect which end is the faulty crystal head.
- PPPOE dial-up test: PPPOE network dial-up test can be realized, which is convenient for broadband installation and debugging.
- Pull-down menu, one-click screenshot: You can pull down the system menu on any interface, a quick screenshot can be used to save the test results.
- Other basic functions: port flicker, PoE voltage test, broadband test, route tracking, calculator, media player, audio player, LED flashlight, serial tool, office software.
- More network camera usage test functions: For PING, SCAN, browser, DHCP, IP calculator, Socket debugger, Rtsp player, PPPOE dial-up.

17 Powerful Function Configurations:
- Wifi connection
- Virtual camera
- Multiple display windows on one screen
- Voice intercom
- H.265 test
- HD test
- One-click picture
- Coaxial simulation test
- Multi-screen sharing
- Network cable quality inspection
- Network cable sorting
- Network cable length test
- Tool customization
- Multi-terminal
- Anti-interference
- For Android system


Basic Parameters:
- Product Model: IPC-X
- Display: 7 inches, IPS ultra-clear full viewing angle, resolution 1920×1200
- Touch Screen: High-end capacitive touch screen, structure G+G, double-layer tempered glass
- Network Port: 10/100/1000M adaptive, RJ45
- WIFI: Built-in wireless WIFI, rate 150M, support to create WIFI hotspot
- IP Detection: IP address detection of the entire network segment, exclusive support for camera start detection
- 4K H265 Main Stream Test: Support IP camera maximum resolution 8MP, main stream test
- IPC ONVIF Test: ONVIF live image, video, playback, camera IP and parameters can be modified, exclusive support for Hikvision, Dahua channel name direct modification, PTZ control, support for private protocol customization, support for generating Chinese and English test reports
- Tools For Hikvision SADP: batch activation of cameras for Hikvision, exclusive support for batch modification of IP and other functions
- Network Camera Tool: Can modify camera IP in batch, perform image test, channel setting and other functions
- CVBS Analog Video Test: support analog video signal test, support PAL/NTSC, support generating Chinese and English version test report
- Video Image Zoom: All video images can be zoomed in and out and moved
- Video Shooting/Recording/Playback: all video tests can take pictures, record and playback, support file naming
- USB 5V: 5V/2A USB port, can connect mouse, U disk and mobile hard disk, can charge mobile phone
- DC12V: 12V/2A DC output, providing temporary power to the camera
- PoE Power Supply Output: 24W standard PoE power output, output voltage 48V, output line sequence 12 36
- DC 24V DC Output: can provide 24V/1A power output for low-power dome cameras and non-standard PoE cameras
- Theme skin Function: Customize interface style, support custom background picture
- UTP Network Cable Sequence Test: Test any two or more network cables, display the connection sequence of network cable, support to generate English version test report
- Network Debugging Tools: integrated IP scanning tool, for PING tool, for DHCP service, network port flashing, link test, route tracking, bandwidth test, for Socket debugging tool
- PPPOE Dialing: Support PPPOE dialing function
- Serial Debugging Tools: One RS485 debugging port, support PTZ control, support serial debugging, exclusive support for hexadecimal protocol cracking
- PoE/PSE Test: support testing PoE switch power supply voltage and power supply line sequence
- Network Cable TDR & Line Attenuation Test: Test network cable pair status, length, attenuation, reflectivity, impedance, delay deviation and other parameters, range 2-195m, support to generate Chinese and English test reports
- Upgrade Method: support online update and local update
- Virtual ONVIF Camera: Virtual camera service can be set up, and can be connected to recorder to test
- Storage Space: 8G internal storage, support external SD card, maximum support 128G
- Screen Projection: Image can be projected to the mobile phone display, which is convenient for multi-person debugging
- Language/Input Method: Chinese Simplified/Traditional Chinese/English and more than 10 languages
- Manual: Built-in electronic file

Power Supply:
- Charger: DC12V/2A
- Charging: 6-7 hours of charging, 13 hours of normal use

- Operating System: System for Android, support for installing software for Android
- Working Temperature: (-10℃ to +50℃
- Working Humidity: 30%~90%
- Dimensions: 230mm*140mm*45mm
- Weight: 0.9KG

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of CCTV Camera Tester Monitor

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