• Kit F CYT-SD-DMX1024TE Light Controller ARTNET/SD-DMX Controller + Offline (Flagship Timed Music Version)

Kit F CYT-SD-DMX1024TE Light Controller ARTNET/SD-DMX Controller + Offline (Flagship Timed Music Version)

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Kit F CYT-SD-DMX1024TE Light Controller ARTNET/SD-DMX Controller + Offline (Flagship Timed Music Version)

Different Kits:

- Kit B: ARTNET-DMX 512 Controller + Offline (Buttons + Remote Control + Serial Port)
- Kit C: ARTNET-DMX 512 Controller + Offline + Overlay (Buttons + Remote Control + Serial Port)
- Kit D: SD-DMX512 Offline (Mini Project Version)
- Kit E: ARTNET/SD-DMX Controller + Offline (Luxury Music Version)
- Kit F: ARTNET/SD-DMX Controller + Offline (Flagship Timed Music Version)

Product Description:
- CYT-SD-DMX1024TE is a high-speed and stable lighting controller with two control modes: online and offline.
- ArtNet-DMX512/WS2812/WS2811 online working mode: You can use a computer's friendly operation interface, through a variety of lighting control software plus this controller (CYT-SD-DMX1024TE), to control lamps in real time, enabling simple and convenient operation.
- SD-DMX512/WS2812/WS2811 offline working mode: It can record, play or delete lighting effect program, easy to use and flexible to operate.
- It can record the signals of the machine, various physical DMX lighting consoles, USB-DMX512 lighting controllers, ArtNet-DMX512 lighting controllers and other devices that can output DMX signals.
- It can control computer moving lights, beam lights, laser lights, par lights, fog machines, monochromatic or full-color LED lights and other devices that support DMX512 signal control.
- Can control those light strips that support WS2812, WS2811, each can control up to 4096 channels. If it is an RGB combination light, it can control 1360 pixels.
- This is a powerful offline controller that is very suitable for stage performances, KTV bars, sand table exhibition halls, advertising signs, architectural lighting, debugging and maintenance of lighting equipment and other places.

Main Performance & Features:
Technical Aspects:
- Comply with DMX512/1990 international standard protocol, with 512X2 loops, input and output standard DMX512 signals.
- Using F4 high-speed processor
- Using magnetic isolation technology, safe and reliable
- Can control all devices that support DMX512 control, and can also control WS2812 and WS2811 lights with light bars, etc.
- Suitable for stage performances, KTV, bars, advertising signs and outdoor lighting projects, etc.

Online Working Mode (real-time control of lamps and lanterns through computer software):
- It is a high-speed, stable and no delay ArtNet-DMX512/WS2812/Ws2811 lighting controller
- For operating system WIN2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
- Support a variety of lighting control software:
  A. Matrix software: For MADRIX, Jinx, PixelInvadors.
  B. Stage lighting software: For FreeStyler, Abuelites, PC_DIMMER, MagicQ, DMXControl2/3, DMX-Workshop, Luminair (for Apple/iPhone/iPad), for LightingPad (for Apple/iPhone/iPad), ArtNet DMX Controller (Android) and all other support ArtNet software
- Under ArtNet-DMX512, default IP address is (Universum1-4)
- Under ArtNet-SPI (WS2812WS2811), default IP: (Universum1-4) and (Universum5-8) Subnet mask:

Offline Working Mode (Control lights by playing signals in your SD card):

- Built-in HD OLED display can clearly see working status and operation tips
- Comes with 8 random operation buttons and 4 status indicators, which is convenient and quick to order 0123 four files
- Built-in RS485 interface is convenient for industrial control, and it is convenient for you to develop your own unique control software. It is also equipped with small software to control files at will
- Suitable for DC9V-24V
- 100pcs DMX lighting program files can be recorded to SD card (DMX00.BIN-DMX99.BIN)
- Can record 100pcs LED (WS2811 or WS2812) light strip program (LED00.OUT-LED99.OUT)
- Record, delete, play and other operations for each lighting program file
- Play/pause/continue playing, or record/pause/continue recording can be implemented for each lighting program file
- Playing modes can be set: repeat once, once, all repeat
- You can choose songs. Use 0123 buttons to quickly select or choose according to next song/previous song prompt/use remote control number keys to order / or serial command to order
- Switchable or controllable: seamlessly switch between external input signal and local SD playback signal, or control as bright field and dark field
- Freely set status after playing: all bright, all dark, and keep unchanged

Offline Control Mode:
- Can set manual playing mode. Manual control supports button control (Left dial switches 3, 4 turn upwards)
- It can be set to DMX signal selection and play mode, and it can be played by physical console or controller (Dip switches 3, 4 turn downwards)
- It can be set to auto play mode when booting up (dip switch 3 turns upwards, switch 4 turns downwards)
- It can be set to serial port command play mode (dip switch 3 turns downwards, switch 4 turns upwards)

Package Included:

- 1 x Light Controller
- 1 x DC9V-24V/2A Power Adapter
- 1 x Remote Control (mainly used to change IP address)

- SD card and other items pictured are not included in the package, for demonstration purposes only.

Hardware Wiring:
In online working mode (ARTNET-DMX512/WS2812/WS2811)

In offline working mode (SD-DMX512/WS2812/WS2811)

Display of Some Software Interfaces:

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