• ST-BTA41-B Knob Type 4000W Electronic Voltage Regulator Speed Controller For Motor Electric Drill
  • ST-BTA41-B Knob Type 4000W Electronic Voltage Regulator Speed Controller For Motor Electric Drill

ST-BTA41-B Knob Type 4000W Electronic Voltage Regulator Speed Controller For Motor Electric Drill

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ST-BTA41-B Knob Type 4000W Electronic Voltage Regulator Speed Controller For Motor Electric Drill


- Innovative heat dissipation design, square white shell, simple appearance.
- Five-hole socket + overload protection switch. Five-hole socket, independent function structure is safer to use. Overload protection, short circuit protection multiple protection, safer and more practical.
- 15A current overload protection switch, safer real-time monitoring. Automatic overload protection design, monitoring electricity safety at any time, your 24-hour power supply guard. In case of overload or short circuit, the overload switch ensures the safety of electricity.
- The safety socket protects children's safety. Two-pole jacks and three-pole jacks are independently protected, effectively preventing children from inserting their hands or using other objects to insert. The safety socket is safe to plug and unplug without electric shock. The high resistance safety socket prevents fingers or metal objects from being directly inserted into the holes.
- LED digital display facilitates voltage adjustment. Increase and decrease voltages easily.
- 6S security protection. Guard your equipment and use it safely. Flame-retardant at 750°C to prevent high-temperature combustion and ensure safe electricity use. The safety socket holes prevent children from directly contacting live objects. Independent switch is both a switch and an overload protector. Overpower protection prevents overloading of electrical equipment. Overcurrent protection prevents overloading of electrical equipment from using excessive current. Short-circuit protection prevents automatic protection when electrical equipment is short-circuited.
- PC/PP flame retardant shell. The insulation material is fully protected, making electricity safer. High temperature resistance, no deformation, anti-cracking, impact resistance, and anti-fading.
- Thickened power cord can withstand high temperature and is safer to use. The power cord uses 1mm wire, which meets safety standards. Good conductivity, high temperature resistance, no softening.
- Stepless speed regulation. Power percentage is adjusted, and the voltage is adjusted evenly.
- The percentage adjustment voltage is more intuitive, the setting voltage is more accurate, and the operation is more convenient.
- Thicker phosphor bronze conductor, more durable, safer and more reliable. It has stronger abrasion resistance than ordinary copper parts, tighter bite force, stronger conductivity, lower heat generation, and greatly improves the safety of the socket. No loosening after 5000 times of normal insertion and removal.
- Can be used to adjust voltage, temperature, brightness, and speed. Small body, great use, plug and play. Suitable for resistance electric heating products, power tools, motor fans.
- 1.2 meters long (excluding case's size) to meet your daily needs.
- Wall-mounted design saves space.

Not for household water pumps, single-phase motors, household microwave ovens, smart rice cookers, and LED energy-saving lamps.

Product Parameters:
- Product Name: Single-phase Electronic Voltage Regulator
- Product model: ST-BTA41-B (knob type)
- Input voltage: AC220V
- Output voltage: 0-220V adjustable (voltmeter does not work when output voltage is below 5V)
- Peak power: 4000W (maximum load power 2000W)
- Voltage regulation range: 0-220V stepless adjustable (with load conditions) to reduce voltage to 0V, boost up to 10V
- Rated current: 9A
- Peak current: 18A
- Product characteristics: Zero Delay, Zero Delay, Peak Voltage Absorption Circuit Effectively Protects High Power Thyristor
- Multi-protection against surge, peak and RC absorption
- Product size: 10x10x5cm (LxWxH)

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of Electronic Voltage Controller

1. When it is used without load, measured output voltage is a virtual voltage, and a load above 20W must be connected to it to measure the correct output voltage.
2. Input AC, and output AC instead of DC.
3. The 4000W mentioned above refers to the limit power when working in a resistive load. The inductive load is 1/3 of the resistive load. The resistive load refers to the tungsten filament lamp, heating wire, etc. Inductive load refers to the series motor and so on. Please use with caution for circuit board electronic products.
4. The shell of this product is made of PC/PP flame retardant material.

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