• TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier Board 2.1 Super Power HIFI Digital AMP Subwoofer for Aduio DIY

TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier Board 2.1 Super Power HIFI Digital AMP Subwoofer for Aduio DIY

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TPA3116 Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier Board 2.1 Super Power HIFI Digital AMP Subwoofer for Aduio DIY


- CSR8630 4.0 HIFI bluetooth receiver chip, high speed transmission and low distortion. Amplifier sampling TPA3116 figit amp, no case.
- The volume of phone for bluetooth should be more than 3/5 to get great SNR. If low volume , will decrease the bluetooth signal SNR.
- Support analog signal input and Bluetooth signal input, Bluetooth input takes priority, turn on the Bluetooth signal, power amplifier output Bluetooth information, disconnect analog power, after the phone off the Bluetooth, automatically connect analog signal. Analog signal is the audio signal from the computer, CD, MP3.
- 3 knobs on the amplid=fier, the right one is for volume, the middle one for subwoofer volume, the left one for stereo volume
- The the output power of any amplifier has something to do with its current and voltage. 12V is adequate. If greater output power, the power 19-24V, 4A and above current is ok. If only 12V power supply ,but also want the big power, can add a boost board to turn 12V into output 24V.

The power amplifier board takes two TPA3116D2 digital power amplifier chip as the core, one to do the right channel power amplification, one to drive the ultra bass, with a small size, high efficiency, high power. The capacitanceis PHILPS, Thompson, ruby. Taiwan production sealed quality potentiometer, the original TPA3116D2 chip, SMD chip devices, etc. The board circuit is simple and reliable. The working voltage of 12V25V. Left and right channel output 50wx2, subwoofer 100W output, efficiency can be reached more than 90%, using a laptop computer switching power supply, is also very suitable for battery powered devices, such as motorcycles, cars, electric cars and so on. The board is small in size, easy to use and easy to install.  
Adopt Red ring low loss inductance

- Power supply: DC12-25V
- Power: 2X50W+100W bass cannon
- Circuit board size: 83x100MM
- Support analog input and bluetooth input

- Full frequency output of the left and right channels,. Under the rated voltage 24V state, can drive 3-16Ohm audio
- Ultra bass sound track under the rated voltage 24V can drive 2-16 Ohm audio
- Heavy bass gain independent adjustment

- No power supply.
- Front panel switch is for cutting off the output no for power supply. So the light always lights.
- There will be adquate output power when audio input , power voltage and current is ok. The speaker resistance is bigger, volume power is amaller.
- Please connect the external power and amplifier power first, then to the home plug.

Package included:  
- 1 x Amplifier Board

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