• ZY1278P USB Type-C Power Meter Bi-Directional USB Voltage Ammeter

ZY1278P USB Type-C Power Meter Bi-Directional USB Voltage Ammeter

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ZY1278P USB Type-C Power Meter Bi-Directional USB Voltage Ammeter


The latest version

Features the same as the old version of ZY1278 Blue Gold

Without any spoofing trigger function, compatibility is better, it is impossible to burn the phone.

The screen is changed to a version with a metal shield that has a viewing angle of 170 degrees and a contrast of 2k:1.

The appearance is matte black gold plated.

Voltage 4-24V, current 0-5A two-way

The voltage resolution is 10uV6 digits, the current resolution is 10uA6 digits, the accuracy is 0.1% plus or minus 5 words, the annual variability is 0.1%, and the factory calibration is 0.01%.

- Ultra-small and ultra-thin volume, only USB data line plug is so large, the volume 48*17*7mm contains usb plug
- Without any fast charge decoys, there are no deceptions and bugs, safety testing,
- High-precision 6-digit voltage current power AhWh display
- Chinese and English bilingual interface, ultra-high resolution 12800 pixels 1 inch TFT color screen
- High-speed curve drawing, high-speed refresh mode
- High-side current sensing, there is no common ground short circuit problem
- Two-way Type-C plugs and sockets, complete with built-in design
- USB3.1 Gen2 full-speed communication, differential impedance 4-layer gold-plated circuit board
- 24PIN direct connection, even the Type-C headset can be measured
- The PD compatibility is greatly improved. There is no need to consider the front and back planes, and no matter which side is input

Package Included:
- 1 x ZY1278P USB Type-C Power Meter

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