• 51 SCM Learning Board Development Board 5V

51 SCM Learning Board Development Board 5V

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51 SCM Learning Board Development Board 5V

- Power Supply: 5v power connector for the positive with, pay attention to polarity
- Serial RS232 circuit: the microcontroller can be downloaded as an STC circuit also can be a standard serial communication circuits
- 8 LED LED: Ring Design
- 2 composed of four in one 8-bit digital control digital control IC driver with 74 series, brightness, brighter and stable: You can do different digital display experiments, such as digital clock, frequency counter, etc. (Note that they use similar products 4 or 6 digit LED display with limitations)
- Four stand-alone keyboard, 1 external interrupt key input, key input can be done independent experiments
- 4 * 4 matrix keyboard circuit: Matrix keyboard design, while using a 74hc21 chip interrupt access to and improve the keys of the input response
- 5v DC buzzer: alarm sound or music can be experimental realization
- LCD1602 LCD Interface
- Nokia5110 LCD interface, the original site of the Nokia5110 LCD, can display pictures and more characters
- 1 relay output: You can drive strong electricity, (about recommended safe voltage 30v operation, to avoid accidents)
- Download indicator and serial communication with light, while light can be used as an independent P30 and P31 IO
- 89S Series MCU download interface
- Reserved for the P0, P1, P2, P3 port interface to the external expansion
Board behind the chip:
- 74hc138, 74hc595, 74hc245, max232, 74hc21
- 74hc138 - March Eighth decoder to do through its 8-bit digital tube Choice
- 74hc595 - series switch and control the chip, through its implementation of paragraph 8-bit digital decoding, and can learn 51 single-chip SPI mode simulation program
- 74hc245 - with the driver, used to drive an 8-bit digital display, the general development board are driven by transistors, integrated chips used here drive to save the volume, very good
- max232 - serial level converter chip, used to achieve communication with the computer or other microcontrollers
- 74hc21 - site matrix of keys and the combination of first interruption of the normal key input increased accordingly, with a good practical engineering significance, see the specific analysis of the papers
Third, the routine
- Example 1 - light-emitting diode
- Example 2 - Application of Timer 0
- Example 3 - Application of Timer 1
- Example 4 - Application of Timer 2
- Example 5 - External Interrupt INT0
- Example 6 - water lamp test
- Example 8 - dynamic digital display
- Example 9 - serial port to receive test
- Example 10 - the serial port test
- Example 11 - IO Keyboard
- Example 12 - Matrix Keyboard
- Example 13 - Simple counter test
Test cases 14-PWM
- Enhance the development of the module can be completed with the following high-level tests:
- Interface board and core board with 16p cable connection
- Buy now send a PCB interface board and a 16p connection
- At the same time providing an interface board schematic and pcb, users easily create their own welding, routines are provided for each test
- AT24C02 memory read and write instance
- PCF8563 real time clock chip control
- TLC549 AD voltage acquisition module
- TLC5620 DA output square wave triangle wave
- LCD1602 LCD frequency meter test
- LCD12864 graphic character display test
- DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Test
- Infrared remote control pilot
Shipping list:
- 51 SCM development board X1 pcs


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