• Amp Amplifier USB Decoder PCM2704 + TPA152 Replacement of Computer Sound Card
  • Amp Amplifier USB Decoder PCM2704 + TPA152 Replacement of Computer Sound Card
  • Amp Amplifier USB Decoder PCM2704 + TPA152 Replacement of Computer Sound Card

Amp Amplifier USB Decoder PCM2704 + TPA152 Replacement of Computer Sound Card

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Amp Amplifier USB Decoder PCM2704 + TPA152 Replacement of Computer Sound Card

- Circuit architecture : BB company famous and TI's PCM2704 grade fever amp IC TPA152
- USB port : Plug and Play , Windows2000.XP WIN7 and above for the operating system.
- USB powered : The ELNA dedicated audio capacitors, ensure the power quality.
- Amp output : 3.5MM headphone jack stereo output , easy to drive 16-150 ohm headphones
- Amp power: 32 Euro 75MW strong thrust
- Sampling rate : 16Bit 32K 44.1K 48k
- SNR : 100db THD + N: 0.002%
- Dynamic range : 100dB
- PCB Size: Immersion Gold board

1 ) to adjust the volume , the first connected to the computer , the default volume is very small , but the volume potentiometer counterclockwise transferred to put a minimum , so as not to sound excessive , damage to headphones or amplifier , you need to go in regulation synthesizer . Use the same way as a computer sound card , you should understand, if that volume is still small, you can use USB ASIO driver , volume 50% larger than normal .
2 ) and audio playback software , different player software and audio out of the effect is different , we recommend using cool dog APE format music download and play music , if you use common MP3 format , its musical background is not clean , bottom -to-noise this is the source of the problem, not the sound card problem , for APE format do not have this problem.
3 ) Driver , 2704 USB DAC to use the system comes with USB AUDIO driver, no installation, can be directly connected up . If since that is a computer whiz , can provide USB ASIO driver, the driver is very good , you can improve the sound quality , but more complicated to install and use , each player must be set up , it is troublesome , as is not set , sound is not a sound , I just provide cool dog music setting method , the other player needs to find their own way , does not provide any suggestions , please do not ask , do not be in the Baidu search , because each person to teach again , I need 24 hours to do a computer teacher , not necessarily the church , please understand.
Also if installed USB ASIO driver , volume -driven than drive system comes with a large 50% , generally with 2/5 of the volume on the headset to meet the needs .
The line moderators chip BB 's HIFI enthusiast PCM2704 USB decoder chip , through our tune, the effect of the common market, the effect of outstanding than USB decoder chip , the power supply using USB interface, through ELNA dedicated audio capacitor filter , to power amp and DAC . Because it is an external sound card, thus bypassing the chassis severe electromagnetic interference , so the sound quality will be purified , high SNR , plus TPA152HIFI headset chip can drive most of the common European 16-150 HIFI headphones deceased mother US- CD quality sound. computer comes with excellent sound effects
We may not know much about the sampling rate , digital and computer products now only have access to the data , when that work is read digital signals, and audio output to an analog signal to a booster amplifier to drive the speakers, the human ear can hear , and the current MP3, WAV music formats are compressed, the sound quality is not good, you need to download the music to sound good APE lossless music , and is the source of APE music CD discs , the CD disc digital format is 16 bit 44.1k, PCM2704 USB DAC digital signal is read USB port , through the internal D / A conversion, CD discs reproduce the sound , so the sound quality than the computer 's onboard AC97 sound good on a lot, you can deceased mother US- CD quality sound.
The PCM2704 USB DAC decoder amp, umlaut , breaking the sound and other strange problems arise from the use of the process , it is possible to use a computer player has a problem , its plug-in damage , the sound quality will deteriorate , and even cause umlaut , issues such as broken sound strange , as with a damaged player , whether it is an external sound card or sound card comes , will come out strange sounds , this is a player issue, not a sound card problem , we recommend using WINDOWS own player.

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