• 2x80W HiFi Digital Power Amplifier Board V1.6 Class D Amplifier Board for MERUS MA12070 with Toggle Switch

2x80W HiFi Digital Power Amplifier Board V1.6 Class D Amplifier Board for MERUS MA12070 with Toggle Switch

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2x80W HiFi Digital Power Amplifier Board V1.6 Class D Amplifier Board for MERUS MA12070 with Toggle Switch


- The function is the same as V1.5, and parameters such as heat sink and filter capacitor have been optimized based on V1.5. Added a toggle switch for switching between single ended input and differential input; Added a toggle switch for mode switching between 1.0, 2.0, 2.1, and 4.0.


- Multi-level switching technology with 3-level and 5-level modulation makes the solution unparalleled in power consumption and energy efficiency-optimized for power consumption when playing music, making it extremely low energy consumption.
- 2x80W peak output power (26V PVDD, RL = 4Ω, 10% THD+N level), an ultra-compact, highly integrated solution-a real high-power small body.
- Flexible realization of 2.0 (2x80W), 2.1 (1x80W+2x40W), 4.0 (4x40W), 1.0 (1x160W) channel output level configuration through the on-board dip switch.
- The fourth-order feedback error control can provide better gain and suppress errors better than the traditional second-order loop, thereby ensuring extremely low signal distortion and excellent audio performance, even if the power supply is not ideal (noise or ripple), still ensuring low distortion, high sound quality and stability and reliability.
- <160mW idle power dissipation (26V PVDD, all channels are switched); when the power is 2W, the efficiency is >80% (1kHz sine wave, 8Ω); when the power is full power, the efficiency is >91% (1kHz sine wave, 8Ω).
- Audio performance (PMP2): >110dB SNR (A-w, relative to 1% THD+N power level), without the need for complex dynamic follow-up power supply design (conventional audio power design solutions that improve energy efficiency).
- 45µV output integrated noise (A-w), no low-pass filter (LPF) is required in most applications.
- When the output level is high, THD+N is 0.004%.
- I2C control (four optional addresses for the DIP switch on the board), which can be connected to the MCU to control the working mode of the chip, achieving a balance between performance and power consumption, and can be customized in various applications.
- Built-in protections: undervoltage lockout, overheat warning/error, short circuit/overload protection, power stage pin to pin short circuit, error report via serial interface (I2C), and DC protection.
- Four-layer immersion gold PCB + anodized heat sink, with excellent heat dissipation and extremely low EMI.

- Portable speakers: battery powered speakers (battery is not included), mobile Bluetooth speakers, docking speakers, portable speakers, wearable speakers.
- Home audio: multi-room system, TV, sound column, home theater system, independent components.
- Voice control speaker
- Professional audio: active monitor speakers, Power over Ethernet (PoE), multi-channel system.

Advantages and Working Principle of Multi-Level Technology:
Although the efficiency of the traditional Class D audio amplifier has reached 90% and above, its relatively high power only achieves about 50% of the usual volume efficiency, and its demand for LC filters and heat sinks makes It takes up a lot of space (and the cost is higher). Multi-stage Class D amplifiers break these limitations. Its technological innovation has brought the following advantages:
- No need to output LC filter, smaller size and lower cost
- Improved common volume efficiency
- Significantly reduce power consumption and reduce heat dissipation
- Thanks to the high-frequency multi-level switch, the details of the sound source are preserved and the sound quality is improved.

This breakthrough amplifier product uses a multi-stage half-bridge power stage to achieve low power consumption in standby or near standby. Unlike traditional Class D amplifiers, each half-bridge power stage of this product has 4 transistors/MOSFETs (traditional Class D amplifiers only have 2pcs). These half bridges establish multiple PWM output stages through a single power supply (each MOSFET is driven by a separate PWM signal), which brings great flexibility and can configure the amplifier for the best power performance in any application. The flying capacitor (Cfly) located between the top and bottom MOSFETs is continuously powered by an independent circuit, so the voltage potential can be maintained at a fixed level. This "flying capacitor" basically acts as an additional power rail. In this way, each half-bridge power stage can establish a three-level output signal at the output switching node: 0 V, ½ PVDD, and PVDD.

Package Included:
- 1 x Power Amplifier Board

- Battery is not included.

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