• Butterfly ONE Papilio ONE 500K Arduino-FPGA Version

Butterfly ONE Papilio ONE 500K Arduino-FPGA Version

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Butterfly ONE Papilio ONE 500K Arduino-FPGA Version

- Butterfly One (Papilio One) board fully assembled with a Xilinx XC3S250E and 4Mbit Atmel SPI Flash memory.
- Easiest way to get started with the Arduino IDE, Logic Analyzer, andXilinx WebPack applications.
- For more information visit the Butterfly One support page.

 Four independent power rails at 5V, 3.3V, 2.5V, and 1.2V.
 Power supplied by a power connector or USB.
 Two channel USB connection for JTAG and serial communications implemented with FT2232.
 EEPROM memory to store configuration settings for FT2232 USB chip.
-Spartan 3E FPGA
 32MHz oscillator that can be used by Xilinx's DCM to generate any required clock speed.
 VTQFP-100 footprint that supports Xilinx XC3S100E, XC3S250E, and XC3S500E parts.
 Bank 0-3 can be jumpered to support 1.2V, 2.5V, or 3.3V.
 Xilinx JTAG header supports Xilinx JTAG cables.
 Power and I/O are routed to the side headers.
 Board can be used with Bread Boards if only the outside row of the side headers is populated.
 Easily add new functionality to the Papilio One with Wings that snap onto the board.
 48 bidirectional I/O lines which can be split up as:
  1 - 32 Bit Wing or
  3 - 16 Bit Wings or
  6 - 8 Bit Wings

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