• CJMCU-104 VCNL4000 Ambient Light Sensor ALS Distance Measuring Sensor

CJMCU-104 VCNL4000 Ambient Light Sensor ALS Distance Measuring Sensor

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CJMCU-104 VCNL4000 Ambient Light Sensor ALS Distance Measuring Sensor

- In physical computing it's sometimes nice to know how physically close you are to an object. In other words, you may need to know your 'proximity' to an object, that's where the VCNL4000 does its magic. Okay, it's not actually magic, it's a combination ambient light sensor and IR proximity sensor.

- The VCNL4000 can detect its proximity to an object using IR within a range of about 20cm. Proximity data as well as ambient light level data can be collected over an I2C interface. This breakout board gives you access to the I2C pins, the Vcc pin, GND and the IR+ pin (power supply for the built-in IR emitter). Simply give the board a clean 3.3V power source and give the IR emitter anywhere from 2.5-5V and you'll be able to tell how far you are from an object up to 20cm.

Note: We changed the name of this item from "Infrared Emitter Breakout" to "Infrared Proximity Breakout" to give a better idea of its full range of functionality. It's the same part that it has always been.

- Voltage Rating: 3.3V
- IR Emitter Vin: 2.5-5V
- I/O pins are 5V compliant
- Range: Up to 20cm
- Built-in Ambient Light Sensor
- VCNL4000 Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor
- Example Code
- by: Jim Lindblom
- SparkFun Electronics
- date: August 30, 2011 (updated November 3, 2011)
- license: Beerware - Use this code however you want. If you find
-  it useful you can by me a beer someday.
-There are a lot of parameters that you can play with on this sensor:
- IR LED current: this can range from 0 (0mA, off) to 20 (200mA). Increase IR current,and you increase the sensitivity. Write to the IR_CURRENT register to adjust this value.
- Ambient Light Parameter: You can adjust the number of measurements that are averaged into one output. By default the code averages the maximum, 128. Write to  the AMBIENT_PARAMETER to change this value.
- Proximity Signal Frequency: The frequency of the IR test signal can be either 3.125 MHZ, 1.5625 MHz, 781.25 kHz, or 390.625kHz. Writing a 0, 1, 2, or 3 to the PROXIMITY_FREQ register will set this. The code sets it to 781.25 kHz by default.
- Modulation delay and dead time: Not a lot of info in the datasheet on how to adjust these values. Write to the PROXIMITY_MOD register to change them. By default this register is set to 0x81 (129) as recommended by Vishay.
- Try to optimize the sensor for your application. Play around with those parameters.
- The sensor gets more and more sensitive as an object gets closer to it. The proximity output does not share a linear relationship with distance. The max distance is about 20cm. Minimum distance is a few mm.

Package included:
- 1 x CJMCU-104 VCNL4000 Ambient Light Sensor ALS Distance Measuring Sensor

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