• FriendlyArm Tiny6410 256M ARM11 Board Tiny6410 S3C6410 Android + 4.3" TFT LCD Screen

FriendlyArm Tiny6410 256M ARM11 Board Tiny6410 S3C6410 Android + 4.3" TFT LCD Screen

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FriendlyArm Tiny6410 256M ARM11 Board Tiny6410 S3C6410 Android + 4.3" TFT LCD Screen

Tiny6410 is a development board based on ARM11 chip(Samsung S3C6410), the CPU based on ARM1176JZF-S core design, internally integrated strong multi-media process unit, support Mpeg4, H.264/H.263 and many other video formats' files’ hard decoding, and can out put to LCD and TV display device simultaneously; it features 3D graphic hardware accelerator, to realize OpenGL eES 1.1 & 2.0 accelerated rendering, and it support 2D image's smooth zoom and flip, etc operations.
- ARM11 Samsung S3C6410A, ARM1176JZF-S, run at 533Mhz ,up to 667Mhz  
- 256MB DDR RAM and 256MB NAND Flash
- LCD/Touch Screen, CVBS/TV, Audio support
- SD card, USB Host/OTG support
- Ethernet, serial port, GPIO
- GPRS/WIFI/GPS/Camera/3G module/USB Bluetooth support (option)
- Linux 2.6.28, WinCE6.0, Ubuntu support
- Support Android 2.3
- Source code provide

- Dimension 64 x 50 x12 mm (L x W x H)
- CPU: 533 MHz Samsung S3C6410A ARM1176JZF-S with VFP-Unit and Jazelle (max freq. 667 MHz)
-  RAM: 256 DDR RAM, 32 bit Bus
- Flash: 2GB MLC Nand Flash
-  Interface: 4 x User Leds, 10 pin 2.0mm space Jtag connector, Reset button on board
Serial, SPI, USB, LCD, CMOS Camera
- Connector : 2 x 60 pin 2.0mm space DIP connector
2 x 30 pin 2.0mm space GPIO connector
-  Power Supply: Supply Voltage from 2.0V to 6V
Stamp Board layout description                                                                           
-  P1: Contain LCD, AD, SDIO2, EINT, USB, TVOUT0
-  P2: Serial port, SPI1, I2C, SD Card, AC97 (I2S), System bus
-  JTAG : JTAG interface
-  Others : 4 User LED, power LED, Reset key
Tiny6410 SDK board Resource:                                                                           
- CPU:Samsung S3C6410A(ARM1176JZF-S)
- Frequency: Operating frequency 533Mhz, up to 667Mhz
-  RAM: 256 MB DDR RAM
- Nand Flash:2GB Nand Flash
- Multimedia: Support for Mpeg4, H.264, H.263, VC1 hardware decoding, up to 30fps @ SD
- 3D: 3D hardware acceleration support
-  2D: Promise to support graphics scaling, rotation, flip
- Debug Port: COM0 + JTAG + USB Slave
-  Indicator: 4 x User LED (in the core board), 1 x Power LED
-  Test button: 8 x User Buttons, interrupt-style buttons
-  USB Slave: 1 x mini USB (OTG floor is not designed to function)
-  USB Host: Through the USB HUB chip, to achieve 4 USB Host
-  Network Interface: 10/100M MB Ethernet, RJ-45 interfaces
-  Audio I/O: Standard two-channel audio input 3.5mm input and output ports
-  SD Card: Normal SD card connector
-  Serial: 3 x RS232 DB9 serial port, 4 x TTL-level serial port Block
-  TV-OUT: 1 x RCA output
-  SDIO2 Interface : Mainly used to access SD WiFi module (also includes SPI, I2C interface)
- LCD Interface: 3 LCD Interface Block leads (0.5mm pitch SMT, including seats, seat pin and 2.0mm pitch)
-  Buzzer: 1 x PWM control the buzzer output
-  IR: 1 channel infrared receiver
- Temperature Sensor: 1 Road DS18B02 Temperature Sensor
- ADC conversion: An adjustable resistor, connected CPU's AD0 channel
- RTC clock: On-board battery backup RTC clock
- Power Supply: 5V
-  PCB size: 180 x 130 mm
OS Support                                                                                                                    
- Windows CE 6
- Linux 2.6
- Android
- Ubuntu

Content List:                                                                                                       
- 1 xTiny6410 development board  (With 256M NAND FLASH)
- 1 x TFT LCD: 4.3"  , with touch panel
- 1 x DB9 Serial Converter
- 1 x USB cable
- 1 x Net cable
- 1 x 5V power adapter
- 1 x DVD-ROM with product reference
- 1 xTouch Pen for touch panel

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