• 51 Learning Board STC51 Programmer 51 Development Board MCS51 STC51 89 C51
  • 51 Learning Board STC51 Programmer 51 Development Board MCS51 STC51 89 C51

51 Learning Board STC51 Programmer 51 Development Board MCS51 STC51 89 C51

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51 Learning Board STC51 Programmer 51 Development Board MCS51 STC51 89 C51
- All units in the pictures are included except STC programmer is NOT included (the one in the picture is for reference only)
-This board can be used as STC programmer for microcontroller programming STC
- This board can be downloaded with or AVR programmer for AT89S

Note 1: If you use STC89C52 microcontroller, download way

- The serial extension cable, 9 pins for 9 holes, with the computer COM port
- CH340 USB to RS232 cable, using on the computer USB port with good quality cable
- PL2303HX USB to TTL module, using a computer USB, relatively poor stability
- FT232RL USB to TTL module, using a computer USB port, excellent stability
- Note 2: If you are using AT89S52 microcontroller, download the way
- Parallel port download, using the computer parallel port, download stably 
- USBASP, using a computer USB interface, download stably
- Interface board with 51 double-reset circuit platform designed to support chips included
- STC series such as STC89, STC11, STC12, STC90, etc. (40-pin DIP encapsulation). Through the serial port (COM port) to download the program.
- AT89S series like AT89S51, AT89S52, etc. (40-pin DIP encapsulation).  ISP downloader is required while programming. 
- AVR microcontroller 40PDIP encapsulation has two interfaces. One, such as ATMEGA8515, ATMEGA162, etc. can be used directly. The other, such as ATMEGA16/32 requires adapter plate to use. Other non-DIP encapsulation can be used with the adapter plate. ISP downloader is required while programming.

- Note: The default set of spare parts works with STC89C52RC micro-controller For applying on other micro-controller, please contact before placing an order.

Here are features of each part:
- 6 key keyboard: a man-machine dialogue, input devices, keyboard design below, we use the buttons for more convenient to use. Two buttons can also be done interrupt the experiment.
- 4 nixietube: nixietube constant current drive total anode transistor. Learning the digital control of static and dynamic scanning display technology.
- 8 LED lights: do marquees, lighting and other tricks light water experiments, but also as a status display of a device.
- Relay: relay output normally open normally closed-circuit board terminals and isolation, can control higher voltage devices, such as 220V lamp, but this is a strong power user can do, is not recommended for safety than security voltage of 50V.
- IC interface receiver: You can use H1838 and other infrared receiver to receive the first experiment to do, scalable infrared remote control keypad.
- the temperature sensor DS18B20 Interface: Learning "bus line ,1-Wire" communications, do the thermometer, the temperature alarm device. .
- Buzzer: do experimental music accompaniment, alarm sound and so on. (The buzzer is active buzzer)
- Serial processing MAX232: the synchronous and asynchronous serial communications as a level converter, synchronous and asynchronous serial communications to do experiments, STC microcontroller is programmed via the serial program.
- ISP interface: The interface is AT / AVR microcontroller interface to download, can be equipped with the appropriate USB-ISP downloader.
- LCD interface 16-pin: 16 pin-compatible LCD interface, can be character-line 1602, bitmap-type 12232 and so on.
- LCD interface 20-pin: 20 pin compatible LCD interface line bitmap type 12864 and so on.
- P port expansion: P port of the microcontroller board has extended pin leads for easy expansion. Left P1 and P3, each eight-pin expansion port P leads. Right of the VCC, P0, PEA, ALE, PSEN, P2 form a 20-pin pin, this interface is 51 for the principles of design, when the STC or the AVR when, PEA, ALE, PSEN, compared with other IO pin.
- Power supply: two ways, one is the USB port power supply, one is the external power supply terminal block, select one on it. One-way protection circuit, then it is not anti-work.
- Two in the switching power supply after the expansion of the interface, do take the time extend other electrical equipment.
- Download device with a USB to TTL pin, simple operation, lift the laptop no serial port trouble.


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