• Ackerman ROS Car Robot Chassis Assembled For Jetson Nano B01 RPLIDAR A2 Heavy Duty Type Load 22KG
  • Ackerman ROS Car Robot Chassis Assembled For Jetson Nano B01 RPLIDAR A2 Heavy Duty Type Load 22KG
  • Ackerman ROS Car Robot Chassis Assembled For Jetson Nano B01 RPLIDAR A2 Heavy Duty Type Load 22KG
  • Ackerman ROS Car Robot Chassis Assembled For Jetson Nano B01 RPLIDAR A2 Heavy Duty Type Load 22KG

Ackerman ROS Car Robot Chassis Assembled For Jetson Nano B01 RPLIDAR A2 Heavy Duty Type Load 22KG

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Ackerman ROS Car Robot Chassis Assembled For Jetson Nano B01 RPLIDAR A2 Heavy Duty Type Load 22KG


The Ackerman robot uses rubber wheels, which can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. The front wheels are equipped with a steering mechanism, and the rear wheels are powered by dual motors, and the front wheels are steered through a differential.

Our robot car is equipped with an aluminum alloy base plate and a coaxial pendulum suspension system, which can adapt to uneven bottom surfaces.

- Photoelectric encoder
- Planetary gear motor
- Lidar navigation
- ROS operating system
- Open source full set of materials
- Built-in PID controller
- For FreeRTOS system
- Can be controlled by CAN/serial port

- The main difference between the normal type and the heavy-duty type is the motor reduction ratio, which results in a difference in speed and load.

Suggestions For ROS Master Selection (basically the same, use the system for Ubuntu):
1. Generally, you can choose version for Raspberry Pi for starter, here is 2GB, because the version for Raspberry Pi is not cost-effective to increase the memory, so it is better to use version for Jetson Nano.
2. Version for Jetson Nano upgrades the GPU, which is a bit better than that for Raspberry Pi in terms of image processing and simple deep learning.
3. The performance for Jetson TX2 is very powerful, especially in deep learning, the overall performance is qualitatively improved compared to the other two models. You can also customize i5, i7 and other industrial computers as ROS master control, and you can contact customer service for customization.

HWZ020 Servo For High Grade Version:

- Maximum angle: 180°
- Voltage: 4.8-7.4V
- Torque: 20kg.cm
- Reaction speed: 0.14sec/60°
- Servo type: digital servo
- Gear: metal gear
- Net weight: 59.6g
- Working dead zone: 3us

Interface Description:
- CAN: The mobile platform can receive commands from the CAN port, or send its own data (odometer and IMU) through the CAN port
- Serial port: The mobile platform can receive commands from the serial port and send its own data (odometer and IMU) through the serial port
- USB interface: used to connect to the computer, download the program with one key, and receive the command control sent by the computer and send its own data (odometer and IMU) to the serial port
- Bluetooth (or wifi): can send its own information to APP, can receive APP remote control commands, can adjust PID parameters
- For PS2 interface: Provide socket for PS2 controller, provide code plug and play
- SWD interface: Provide SWD interface for online debugging

Open Source and Algorithm Description:
- Provide the complete source code of the mobile platform and the schematic diagram of the controller. Provide detailed communication protocol and development manual of the interface. Provide PID development notes and video tutorials.
- The mobile platform is mainly to solve the problem of "making wheels" in everyone's projects. Built-in PID closed-loop control and kinematic analysis, can receive commands from serial ports, CAN and even laptops.

ROS Kit With ROS Master, Lidar and Depth Camera:
- ROS master: For Raspberry Pi 4B (2G+32G), Jetson Nano B01, Jetson TX2, industrial computer, etc. (optional)
- Bottom master: STM32F103RCT6 (based on operating system for FreeRTOS)
- Operating system: For Ubuntu 18.04+ROS melodic
- Lidar: SLAMTEC RPLIDAR A2 (If you need A1, A3, S1 and other radars, please contact customer service)
- Camera: For Astra Pro depth camera
- Functions: remote control, lidar mapping and navigation, visual mapping and navigation, multi-point cruise, lidar follow, depth vision follow, visual line patrol, APP image transmission, etc.
- Attention: It has been assembled and debugged for the above functions, and you can use them when you get them.
- Open source: open source the full set of underlying code for the above functions, ROS source code, development manual, video tutorial
- Camera angle: manually adjustable

Robot Function List (the following is a partial list of functions, equipped with corresponding tutorials):
1.Low-level ROS serial communication
2.Reserved CAN communication interface
3.IMU and odometer data feedback
4.Voltage detection and voltage alarm
5.MPU9250 nine-axis attitude sensor
6.Support serial port one-click download
7.Stepless adjustment of radar frequency
8.Gyro zero drift clearing
9.Keyboard node control
10.APP gravity sensor control
11.APP adjusts PID parameters
12.For opencv applications and tutorials
13.Robot dynamic obstacle avoidance
14.Robot fixed-point navigation and multi-point navigation
15.TEB and DWA path planning
16.ROS APP image transmission and control
17.WEB browser displays camera image
18.Lidar mapping navigation
19.For rtab pure visual mapping navigation
20.For rtab vision + radar mapping navigation
21.For Gmapping
22.For Hector mapping
23.For Karto build map
24.For Cartographer
25.For Tensorflow object recognition
26.Lidar follow
27.Deep visual follow
28.For KCF follow
29.For AR label recognition
30.RGB visual line patrol (integrated radar obstacle avoidance)
31.ROS APP mapping (NEW)
32.ROS APP navigation (NEW)
33.For RRT Independent Mapping (NEW)
34.Multi-robot formation (NEW)

More Details:
- Rtabmap vision and lidar mapping navigation: support for vision SLAM, gmapping, hector, karto, Google Cartographer and other algorithms for mapping. Support fixed-point navigation, multi-point navigation
- Lidar follow: Lidar can follow any object including people in all directions
- Depth camera follow: Through the RGBD depth camera, you can measure the distance to the front object and follow
- Visual line inspection: The camera can navigate by sticking lines, and the general electrical glue can be used. The color of the patrol line is blue, black, red, green, yellow, etc. adjustable
- Support APP control, view images, build maps, and navigate. It can display the camera image on the mobile phone at the same time when it can be controlled by APP, and control from the first perspective
- Autonomous exploration and mapping: no need to manually control the car, use the RRT algorithm to autonomously complete the exploration and mapping, save the map, and return to the starting point
- Multi-aircraft formation: multi-aircraft cooperative operation, distributed formation control, support single-point and multi-point navigation functions
- Support airplane model remote control: Built-in remote control interface of airplane model, plug in the remote control of airplane model, and it can be controlled normally
- Support for PS2 wired controller: Built-in interface and program, connect it and use it
- Snow protection grade tires: Snow skid-proof standard/metal wheels. High grade version uses solid rubber wheels with a diameter of 125mm. Single wheel weighs 0.48kg
- Humanized design and multiple protections: This system board is suitable for motion control projects, such as robots, balancing cars, and inverted pendulums. Reverse connection protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, electrostatic protection, CAN controller, integrated MPU6050
- MircoUSB data cable, one-click download: Are you tired of the tedious steps of plugging and unplugging the Dupont cable, modifying the BOOT0 setting, and pressing the reset button every time you adjust the program? We provide a one-click download function, using a MircoUSB data cable to download the program and communicate with the serial port
- Industrial-grade dual-channel DC motor drive module: built-in over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-heat protection, control signal optocoupler isolation

- 5-year lifespan
- OPTMAG optical and magnetic fusion
- 18 meters measuring radius
- 4CM ultra-thin appearance
- Measurement frequency 8000 times/sec

New Bluetooth & WiFi version APP:
1. Support gravity sensor remote control and two-hand button remote control mode.
2. Support 5-channel waveform display interface, you can view the waveform at any time without the data line.
3. Support 9-channel parameter adjustment interface, support PID parameter online adjustment and power-off save.
4. Optimize electric quantity alarm mechanism, the APP accurately pushes low-voltage alarm notifications to avoid over-discharge.
5. Support for BLE Bluetooth 4.0 module.
6. Support the latest version of the system for Android.

Packing List:
Chassis Parts:
- 4 x 125mm Diameter Solid Rubber Wheels
- 1 x HWZ020 20kg Torque Digital Servo
- 2 x MD36N 35W DC Brush Motors
- 2 x Simple L-shaped Motor Brackets
- 1 x Set of Aluminum Alloy Plate (as chassis frame)
- 3 x Small Tie Rods
- 2 x Small Steering Cups
- 2 x 500 Line AB phase Photoelectric Encoders
- 1 x Mini Linear Guide
- 1 x Coaxial Pendulum Suspension System
- Several Screws, Nuts, Pillars, Wires

Electric Control Parts:
- 1 x STM32F103RC Controller (integrated IMU CAN, etc.)
- 1 x Dual MOS Large Current DC Motor Drive Module
- 1 x Adapter Board
- 1 x Bluetooth Module
- 1 x OLED Display
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x Data Download Cable
- 1 x Flat Cable
- 1 x Wired Controller Joystick

ROS Parts:
- ROS Master For Jetson Nano B01
- 1 x Depth Camera & Angle Adjustment Mechanism
- 1 x 32G Memory Card
- 1 x Large-Volume Metal Heat Sink (For Jetson Nano B01)
- Several Cables

- It is assembled and debugged before delivery.
- It is recommended to use a 22.2V, 5000mAh battery (DC5.5 charging plug, T-shaped discharge plug) which is not included.
- The car’s ROS main control, radar model, camera model, speed, load, size, hole position, structure, and motor reduction ratio are all customizable. Please contact customer service if it is needed.

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