• D10s USB DAC ES9038Q2M DAC Hard Decode DSD256 USB Decoder For XMOS XU208 PCM384KHz Black
  • D10s USB DAC ES9038Q2M DAC Hard Decode DSD256 USB Decoder For XMOS XU208 PCM384KHz Black
  • D10s USB DAC ES9038Q2M DAC Hard Decode DSD256 USB Decoder For XMOS XU208 PCM384KHz Black

D10s USB DAC ES9038Q2M DAC Hard Decode DSD256 USB Decoder For XMOS XU208 PCM384KHz Black

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D10s USB DAC ES9038Q2M DAC Hard Decode DSD256 USB Decoder For XMOS XU208 PCM384KHz Black

Driver installation and usage guide:

Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Kw9IH0NOIZ1E81lHlvwv8g
Password: ke1h

- Hi-Res Audio certification
- ES9038Q2M DAC
- For XMOS XU208
- 0.0002% THD+N
- PCM 384kHz
- DSD256 (Native)
- Analog + digital output
- Plug and play
- German customized driver for Thesycon

- The indicators are excellent and the sound quality is guaranteed. SINAD is 113dB at 1KHz. The dynamic range is 120dB at 1KHz. Attention: The above is the test under A weighting condition.
- ES9038Q2M HIFI decoding.
- Support DSD256 and PCM384. D10s has the ability to hard decode DSD64-DSD256; it also supports PCM signals from 16bit-32bit/44.1-384kHz.
- For XMOS XU208 + customized driver.
- D10s uses the second-generation chip XU208 for XMOS as the USB interface. The German customized dedicated driver for Thesycon has better support for high-resolution files, especially DSD native.
- Automatic power on and off. No matter whether the USB interface still has power output after shutting down, D10s will accurately turn off as long as your computer turns off. Solved the problem that some USB devices still work after the computer is shut down.
- Working frequency indication: Whether it is DSD or PCM, D10s can accurately indicate the current working frequency. The orange-red LED will not appear dazzling even at night.
- Replaceable OP. D10s has an op amp socket, which is convenient for experienced players to change their favorite op amp to get a different sound. Due to certain risks, it is not recommended for non-professional users to try.
- The usage is very simple and can be very professional. Connect directly to a computer, the driver does not need to be installed, directly set the sampling rate you want on the computer, and then start enjoying music. Need the latest version for Windows or MAC. For system for Window, please refer to our installation package for Thesycon and the setting tutorial inside; for MAC, please use the player for Audirvana Plus, which can output the original code rate of music files to D10s.
- Decoding application 1: Connect to active speakers. Connect the LINE OUT of D10s to your active speakers, not only can hard decode DSD and support higher specifications of PCM, but also get much better sound effects than the computer's built-in sound card or even ordinary decoders.
- Decoding application 2: Connect to power amplifier/headphone amplifier. Connect the LINE OUT of D10s to your power amplifier/headphone amplifier, let D10s become a part of your HIFI system, provide better input for the power amplifier/headphone amplifier, and greatly improve the performance and sound quality of the whole system in the case of USB input.
- USB interface application: If you already have a better decoder, you can connect the coaxial/optical output of D10s to the decoder, let D10s act as the USB interface of your decoder, and add a better decoder to your decoder. USB input. When used as an interface, the optical/coaxial output upper limit is 24bit/192kHz and Dop64 signal.

Product Parameters:
- Product size: 10.3cmx 14.6cmx 3.7cm
- Machine weight: 323g
- Power supply: DC5V/0.5A (USB power supply)
- Input interface: USB
- Output interface: COAX/OPT/RCA
- Display: custom digital tube
- USB input support specifications: 44.1kHz-384kHz/16Bit-32Bit; DSD64-DSD256 (Native); DSD128(Dop)
- Optical fiber and coaxial output support specifications: 44.1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit; DSD64(Dop)

D10s DAC Parameters (Line Out/USB In at 96kHz):
- Total harmonic distortion plus noise at 1kHz at A-wt: <0.0002%
- S/N ratio at 1kHzA-wt: 120dB
- Dynamic range at 1kHzA-wt: 120dB
- Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(±0.1dB), 20Hz-40kHz(±0.4dB)
- Output amplitude: 2Vrms at 0dBFS
- Noise floor at A-wt: <2.5uVrms
- Channel crosstalk at 1kHz: -135dB
- Channel balance: <0.02dB
- Output internal resistance: 20Ω

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of Decoder

- It is assembled and ready to use.
- Other items pictured are not included, for demonstration purposes only. Thank you for your understanding!

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