• Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axial Camera Mount Gimbal for Multicopter FPV Photography
  • Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axial Camera Mount Gimbal for Multicopter FPV Photography
  • Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axial Camera Mount Gimbal for Multicopter FPV Photography
  • Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axial Camera Mount Gimbal for Multicopter FPV Photography

Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axial Camera Mount Gimbal for Multicopter FPV Photography

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Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axial Camera Mount Gimbal for Multicopter FPV Photography

- HeliBEST MC6500PRO V4.0 is a 2-Axis camera gimbal (rolling axis and pitching axis) special designed for PFV fans. It is researched and developed by Helibest, with independent intellectual property rights. HeliBEST MC6500PRO not only gives you the performance as good as the professional camera mounts, but also gives you a surprising price you could afford. MC6500PRO could install on the normal helicopters, such as XAircraft X650V4/V8, X450P、DIY-Hexa, Sigma Q4-480W, Y6-500FG and most of other DIY frames. There are two installation methods, one is traditional lifting, and the other is ceiling mounting (camera lens vertical and upward in order to catch the scene in the sky.). There are two connection ways you can choose to connect with the frame: hard-weird connection and soft connection. If your frame high-frequency vibration is low, then you can choose the hard-weird connection. However, the performance of soft connection is better in most cases. The gimbal comes with 2 special digital servos, it could direct drive by receiver. For the autostabilization function, it should be drive by flight control or autostablizer.

- MC6500PRO V4.0 provide 2-axial control function: rolling and pitching. It was drived by two purpose-built digital servos DSC2600Digi. There are 2 dampers on rotating axis to improve the smoothness of rotation. MC6500PRO axial constraints adopt the rod drive mode. During the driven processing, torque and speed changes—when it starts, the speed is fast; when it stops, it is gentle and soft; which is more conform to dynamic requests for camera gimbal stabilizer drive to reduction ratio. MC6500PRO provide several reduction ratio collocations for player to choose, in order to get the perfect performance. (The ratio in the user manual is highly recommended).

- MC6500PRO was used to take many aerial photography videos, the realistic videos could improve its excellent performance and super high cost performance. In most of the videos, we use this camera gimbal on XAircraft 650 value and the GoPro HD camera. We can do it, you can do it too. Create your own high quality aerial photography.

Package includes:
1 x MC6500PRO V4.0 camera gimbal frame (glass fiber)
4 x Ball head + Ball head buckle
4x dampers
2 x Rubber and plastic damping tube
4 x Damper screw and nut
8 x M2 hexagon socket head cap screw

If you want with servos version,pls click here

MC6500PRO specifications:
- Weight: 129g (servo included)
- Effective width of inner frame: 130mm
- Depth: 50mm
- Size: 153mm x 100mm x 109mm
- Roll angle: > 40 degrees
- Pitching angle: >80 degrees
- Max.load: <800g

DS2600Diji servo specifications(not included):
- Speed: 0.06s/60 @ 6.0 V
- Torque: 3.0kg/cm @ 6.0 V
- Voltage: 4.8V--6.0V
- Motor: Coreless motor
- Gear: Nylon
- Deceleration stages: 6
- Size: 35.6mm x 15mm x 33.5mm
- Weight: 26.12g

- HeliBEST MC6500PRO V4.0
- Small Multi-purpose 2-Axis aerial video Camera Gimbal
- Servoes not included:pls click here if you want to buy this camera gimbal with servoes version

New Features of MC6500PRO V4.0:
- Strength the frame structure, effeceively improve the load ability to 500g.
- Widened camera mount platform, capable of installing SONY NEX5/7, Panasonic GH2, Olympus E-M5, etc.
- With the center of gravity adjustable in some degreen to match with all typs of camera and lens.
- Perfectly support for an invert mode and GOPRO HD upright installation.
- Optimize the installation of back damper, high reliability and convenient installation.
- Added separate landing skid port and arm expended port (separate landing skid and arm are optional).
- Stronger compatibility, can work with XA landing gear and even directly connect with DJI F450.
- More easily to instally servo screws.
- Optimizing gravity center of camera gimbal.

Main Feature of Helibest MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axis Camera Gimbal:
--It is compatible with any flight controller and stabilizer (DJI WKM, FC1212-S/V2/P, FA20A/30A, MK2.0 etc.);
--It is compatible with XAircraft X650 V4/V8, X450/X450 Pro, Sigma Q4/Y6,DJI and some other kits
--The installing of "separate landing gear"(MC6500PRO-L) makes it be capable of directly connecting with Align 450 helicopters or those multi-rotor aircrafts without long landing gear.
--The installing of "arm extended frame"(MC6500PRO-A) directly makes it become a quadcopter.
--Installed ways: lifting or flipping;
--Two connection ways: hardwired and soft connection;
--The use of special ultra-precision servo + 4 special rolling dampers, give you unparalleled smoothness performance;
--Specific servos mentioned above can support WKM 400Hz refresh rate.

HeliBEST MC6500PRO V4.0 2-Axis Camera Gimbal
- High-performance camera gimbal special for small multicopters
- Apply special DSC2600Diji super delicate digital servo
- Apply 4 purpose-built rolling dampers
- Give you unparalleled smoothness performance

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