• MA-802/C NTP Server Network Time Server w/ CDMA Gain Antenna For CDMA Network Time Service
  • MA-802/C NTP Server Network Time Server w/ CDMA Gain Antenna For CDMA Network Time Service

MA-802/C NTP Server Network Time Server w/ CDMA Gain Antenna For CDMA Network Time Service

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MA-802/C NTP Server Network Time Server w/ CDMA Gain Antenna For CDMA Network Time Service

Model Comparison:

- MA-801/G: For GPS time service
- MA-801/GB: For GPS and Beidou time service
- MA-801/C: For CDMA network time service
- MA-802/G: For GPS time service
- MA-802/GB: For GPS and Beidou time service
- MA-802/C: For CDMA network time service
- MA-812/GB: For GPS and Beidou time service

Attention: MA-801 series are desktop devices. MA-802 and MA-812 series are standard 1U rack devices.

MA-802/C Advantages:

- CDMA network independent time source
- Level 1 network time server
- Support 10000+ times of time/second
- Cabinet installation
- 100M Ethernet port
- Offer time service when power-off

- Support cross network segment. Through three-layer switch or router to achieve cross-network access timing.
- Internal precision reaches NS level. Built-in high-precision constant temperature crystal oscillator to ensure punctual accuracy.
- Realize high-precision network timing. The accuracy of network timing can reach 1-50 milliseconds under different network environments.
- It can provide timing services for tens of thousands of clients. Realize 10,000 time service requests per second, and there is no pressure on time service.
- High reliability. Its hardware adopts imported industrial-grade chips and adopts low power consumption, fanless and maintenance-free design.
- Software adopts an embedded system, and there is no risk of poisoning, tampering, etc. The system can automatically detect the working status, give corresponding prompts and automatically repair the fault, to meet your 7*24 hours time service needs.
- Debugging is simple and easy to use. WEB management page: login password authentication, you can view the real-time status of NTP server, modify network parameters, time zone, etc. Client software: In addition to WEB management, we are also equipped with professional client software.

Antenna Configuration:
- 5dBi antenna gain
- 50Ω resistance
- BNC port
- Support 2G/3G/4G signal

Support Producers:
- For Microsoft, Linux, HIKVISION, Uniview, Dahua Technology, KEDACOM, Tiandy, Infinova, Samsung.
- In addition to the above, it supports all terminals that include NTP.

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of NTP Server

(1) Ground
(2) AC110/220V power supply
(3) RS232/485 serial port (customized free)
(4) RST (device restart)
(5) DEF (long press for 10 seconds to restore factory settings)
(6) Fast Ethernet port (can process 8000-10000 timing requests per second)
(7) CDMA antenna interface
(8) Current UTC time
(9) CDMA signal strength
(10) Current date (year, month, day)
(11) Time source (N/A, CDM)
(12) Locked state (0, 1, 3)
(13) Device IP address

Device Information:
* MA-802/C
* CDMA network time source
* Appearance type: rack type

Network Protocol:
* NTP v1.v2.v3.v4 (RFC1119 & 1305), SNTP (RFC2030), (RFC1321), DHCP (RFC2131), HTTP, IPV4

Server Performance:
* CDMA clock source:
* User terminal synchronization timing accuracy: 1-50ms (typical value of LAN)
* User capacity: support tens of thousands of clients
* NTP request volume: 8000-10000 times/sec

Support System & Platform:
* Support all NTP protocol servers, PCs, embedded devices, etc., including but not limited to: For Microsoft Windows full series, Linux full series (Redhat, Fedora, Bsd, Centos, etc.) Security equipment manufacturers products such as Mac os series, Aix, HP-UX, Android, HIKVISION, Dahua Technology, Uniview, etc.

Signal Receiving Parameters:
* CDMA2000 1x 800MHz
* Indoor time service, no need to insert UIM/SIM card, no later use fees

Antenna Parameters:
* Omnidirectional rubber sleeve antenna 800/900MHz 5dBi CDMA/GSM indoor antenna.

Front Panel:
* Equipped with LCD display to display IP address, year, month, day, hour, minute and second, number of locked satellites, time locked status, locked time source, and working status.

Signal Receiving Specifications:
* CDMA antenna input: BNC, 1-channel, 800MHz
* Network port: RJ-45, 1-channel, 10/100M adaptive Ethernet interface
* 1 reset button
* Customizable: serial port, PPS output

Physical & Environmental Parameters:
* Working temperature -10℃ to +55℃ (host); -40℃ to +75℃ (antenna)
* Storage temperature: -45℃ to +85℃
* Humidity: 95% non-condensing
* Power consumption: 5W

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