• Multifunctional Spot Welding Machine Dual Pulse Spot Welder Full Kit w/ Shell Split Welding Pen

Multifunctional Spot Welding Machine Dual Pulse Spot Welder Full Kit w/ Shell Split Welding Pen

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Multifunctional Spot Welding Machine Dual Pulse Spot Welder Full Kit w/ Shell Split Welding Pen

Optional Soldering Pen:

- Split Welding Pen: Suitable for users who like to operate with both hands. It is relatively cheap and light, but the spacing of soldering pen is not well controlled, and the appearance of the soldering is not neat.
- Integrated Welding Pen: Although it is more expensive, it is convenient to solder with marvelous soldering effect. The pressure of each solder joint can be guaranteed.

Product Information:
- Item name: Double pulse multi-function spot welding machine
- Voltage: 220v
- Power: Comprehensive power about 60w
- Welding thickness: the recommended welding thickness is 0.25mm or less
- Size: main body: 11*11*10cm; soldering pen: 50cm
- Product weight: 2kg

Original Design Intention:

This is a new multifunctional spot-welding machine. It boasts double pulse, adjustable time, adjustable welding intensity, adjustable current and voltage. And upgraded the latest super-capacitor balance charging circuit. Every 8 capacitors are connected in parallel, a total of 2 strings. Each 2.7v 100F super capacitor can ensure that the voltage of each capacitor is the same when charging, and it will not be damaged by overvoltage, which greatly extends the service life of your battery. The product has a 12v 5a power supply. When it is used for the first time, it only takes less than 10 minutes to fully charge. It can ensure continuous spot welding without power failure during welding.

Most importantly, double pulse mode makes it very convenient to operate. The length and interval of two pulses can be adjusted separately, and it can be used with different nickel strips. 18650 batteries can be welded using 0.25 nickel-plated steel strip.

The product's soldering pen wire reaches 25 square millimeters, which is strong and greatly reduces heat generation and internal resistance loss, and uses 12pcs 300a high current mos tubes.

Technical Key Points:

- Original constant current charging circuit: adjustable current, intelligent adjustment of charging current, easy continuous welding
- Capacitor balance voltage + discharge technology, prolong battery life and safer to use
- Double pulse: separately adjustable. Suitable for various welding materials
- Every 8 capacitors are connected in parallel, a total of 2 strings. The current is large enough, the voltage is enough
- Copper row circuit with extremely low internal resistance
- Quick disassembly of multifunctional modules

Package Included:
- 1 x Set of Spot Welder

- Batteries are not included.

Read Before Purchasing:
- The capacitors and MOS of this product are imported second-hand, guaranteed quality. Please make sure that you don't mind before purchasing. If you want brand new ones, you can contact customer service to pay extra cost.
- The soldering pen is a consumable. It will gradually become shorter or blunt as the number of welding increases, just sand it with sandpaper. If you need to re-purchase solder pins, contact customer service.
- Please not  touch the soldering pens directly together. At this time, the internal resistance is close to zero and MOS tubes are easily damaged.
- If a higher current charging or a higher welding frequency is required, users need to prepare a higher current charger. Our charger meets the requirement of 1 spot welding per second. High frequency will cause the soldering pen to overheat and affect the life of materials.

Use Method:
- Check whether the soldering pen is firm before the first use or long-term use, and the screws of the soldering pen cannot touch together.
- Plug in the 12v power supply, wait for two seconds and then turn on the parameter display interface, turn the knob, you can see the corresponding parameter display box changes. When you turn to a parameter that needs to be adjusted, press the knob to select the parameter, and then turn the knob to see the digital change of the parameter. After reaching the required parameter, click the knob to save it.
- Set the automatic welding to the required time (for example, the automatic welding setting 1s means that when the two pens touch the nickel strip, the output will be welded once in 1s, and the pen will be lifted and put down and wait one second to output again), which can be adjusted according to the proficiency.
- When not in use, please unplug the power supply.
- Customers of integrated welding pen do not need to set up automatic welding. Set the automatic welding to 0.0 seconds, hold the pen and press down to the specified force to output.

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