• OpenBCI V3 Compatible Open Source Arduino EEG Brain Wave Module 16 Channels Cable Version
  • OpenBCI V3 Compatible Open Source Arduino EEG Brain Wave Module 16 Channels Cable Version
  • OpenBCI V3 Compatible Open Source Arduino EEG Brain Wave Module 16 Channels Cable Version
  • OpenBCI V3 Compatible Open Source Arduino EEG Brain Wave Module 16 Channels Cable Version

OpenBCI V3 Compatible Open Source Arduino EEG Brain Wave Module 16 Channels Cable Version

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OpenBCI V3 Module compatible Open Source Arduino EEG Brain Wave Module 16 Channels Cable Version

USB Dongle not included


- Our openbci device is the same as the official one, and can be equipped with the official GUI, including wired version, bluetooth version and WiFi version, because the GUI is the official original analysis software. It is the latest 32-bit version.
- OpenBCI is an open source human brain or bioelectric-computer interface.OpenBCI finished with a built-in high precision special chip (EEG) and brain waves (EMG), heart muscle waves waves (ECG), and other testing and measuring, and one-stop open source (HW, FW, SW), launch team hopes to share and study human bioelectricity mysterious (electrical and electrical body) to learn more about ourselves, our own.
- OpenBCI, has eight independent signal acquisition channel, each channel has two side, the root signal one root for reference, and you can configure a number of different channel public or independent) using the reference terminal, this is what electrical module on the market generally does not have (currently on the market other EEG brain electrical module [take common Thinkgear/spirit force of science and technology for] basic provide only one channel, a few to 2 ~ 3), simply a OpenBCI is equivalent to a few common electrical module on the market, and the master for the Arduino UNO,Eeg chips are provided to TI (Texas instruments), a world-renowned semiconductor manufacturer.









  Cable version of the version as part of the basic version of DIY, redundant function module (that is, in addition to the electrical part) including acceleration module and onboard SD slot, this part of the official did not use too much, just auxiliary parts, has nothing to do with electrical completely, in order to reduce the cost of DIYer, this part of the shipment is not contain (namely OpenBCI board no welding the parts - accelerometer, SD card slot);Another official bluetooth wireless part (the bluetooth RFDuino part is not cheap, bluetooth wireless official version please stab OpenBCI original bluetooth wireless edition) has been converted into cable model, interface reserved for a serial port, USB transfer Dongle serial port can be used (below black box to add section), and the serial port DIYer can also be modified by oneself, equipped with WIFI and other communication module can also be...The red box in the picture below will not be included (the box is irrelevant to eeg, so removing it will not affect eeg function at all).




1. Since the cable is the edition is necessarily connected to a computer cable, although have very strong isolation, but the eeg is a very weak signal, after all are quite easily disturbed, so the computer must be used direct current power supply can avoid (220 v) of the signal interference (laptop internal battery power supply, pull out the external power plug, shall not apply to the external power supply desktop)

2. It is also important to avoid the possibility (albeit a very small one) that a computer failure during the study could cause current to enter the body due to safety considerations.

Therefore, in conclusion, the wired version must be used on a single-battery powered laptop (do not use external power supply). It is hereby declared that the buyer shall be liable for the consequences caused by the failure to comply with the above warnings and the seller shall not be liable

PS: the above two points are also important differences between wireless version and wired version, wireless version without the above limitations

Package list:

-  OpenBCI DIY eeg module (wired version)+USB to serial Dongle
- OpenBCI DIY manual
- OpenBCI user manual
- OpenBCI schematic SCH only(PDF document)
- Original FW and GUI data processing software source code
- Source code for modified FW and GUI data processing software
- Related applications and documents of OpenBCI niuren research and data analysis (English version)

File Download :

Note: Please download the latest version of the corresponding system (such as Windows 64bit) :

Analysis software OpenBCI_GUI_EXE download address

Analysis software source code Openbci_gui-3.3.2.zip download address

Source code compilation software Processing download address

Note: this product cannot use the firmware linked above. Please contact the customer service and note your email. We will send the firmware to your email.

1.Because the wired version needs to be directly connected to the computer, and the electrode is in direct contact with the human body, so in order to ensure the safety must use the laptop, and the laptop can only be used in the case of battery power, and can avoid the interference of power frequency as far as possible

2. OpenBCI electrostatic protection/conductive impurities protection

Although OpenBCT signal input port have TVS esd protection chip, but if with static parts of the body (mainly) directly touch the chip, so very likely electrostatic discharge, the light will bring an aberration of chip serious can lead to a chip burned, so try not to touch the module of parts of the body on the chip, such as by hand grasp when PCB edge, rather than holding in their hands, but also prevent conductive material (scrap metal, etc.) from parts of the body drops in the circuit, so you should try to avoid direct contact with any components or bare circuit.

3.To use a special gold-plated or silver bowl electrode, the professional model Ten20 is recommended, and test with Ten20 electrode paste

Apply the conductive paste evenly to the bowl-shaped electrode, fasten the electrode to the skin and secure with medical tape.



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