• T12ZR YZXSTUDIO Terminator 12 Power Bank 9600Mah Color Screen 2-Way Quick Charge With 2W Lights
  • T12ZR YZXSTUDIO Terminator 12 Power Bank 9600Mah Color Screen 2-Way Quick Charge With 2W Lights

T12ZR YZXSTUDIO Terminator 12 Power Bank 9600Mah Color Screen 2-Way Quick Charge With 2W Lights

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T12ZR YZXSTUDIO Terminator 12 Power Bank 9600Mah Color Screen 2-Way Quick Charge With 2W Lights

Read Before Purchasing:

- It is assembled and ready to use.
- Be careful not to use and store it in an overheated, humid environment. If the product bulges, stop using.
- New type with Black shell is on sales, and you will get items in Black by default. Thank you for your understanding!
- Due to manual assembling, the product has defects, scratches, dust, bumps, slightly skewed screen, etc. Please make sure that you don't mind before purchasing.
- Please not disassemble it, otherwise the LCD cable will be hung up due to incorrect assembly, causing no display!
- At present, it has been upgraded to a battery for Samsung 48X 50E 50G -21700 with long life within 13 milliohms. Battery capacity is 9600mAh, and the cycle life is reduced to 80% after 1000 cycles.
- For some mobile phones for Huawei, especially 40W and 66W mobile phones, manufacturers limit the fast charging speed of ordinary SCP, PD and FCP, and do not support for all VIV0 and IQ00 fast charging. The above mobile phones only have a slow charging speed of about 10W. Please think twice before purchasing the product.
- Only a power bank host is included. USB data cable, charger and USB tester are not included.
- There is a layer of film on the outside of the screen which is more difficult to tear off. You can tear it off by picking the four corners if it is obtrusive. It is not a scratch.
- There is a capacity nameplate label on the back panel, with actual capacity.

The processor of T12ZR is replaced with M23 ultra-low power consumption version, which has better performance and more functions. You can set the auto power off power and auto power off delay time, you can turn off PPS to be compatible with fast charging for Samsung, turn off VOOC to be compatible with SuperVOOC mobile phone fast charging, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English three fonts, the key operation is more smooth.

Additional lighting 4pcs 0.5W total 2W, 3-speed DC dimming without flicker, boost constant current drive efficiency 90+, back panel position, protective window, light is not exposed, flood light warm white super high color rendering index 90 +. After the lights are added, because the back panel occupies the position, as shown in the figure, the capacity nameplate is on the front, so you can also get on the plane. The brightness is about 10 times the brightness of the mobile phone flash.

- Matte black glass fiber panel
- Industrial aluminum profile housing
- Capacity nameplate label on the back panel, with actual capacity
- It is recommended to use a 24w charger for LeTV and A to C cable, it only takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to fully charge
- The current version has built-in 2pcs for Samsung 50G power 21700 lithium battery, a single cell capacity of 5000mAh, internal resistance of 13 milliohms, total capacity of 10000mAh, low internal resistance, fast charging and extremely low heat
- HD small color screen displays battery voltage, charging and output status, input and output voltage, current, power
- The screen is always on when charging and discharging, the super power-saving IPS small screen, simple Chinese, traditional Chinese and English trilingual fonts, multi-function setting menu
- Very low heat, measured full speed charge from 0 to full, room temperature 25℃, shell heat up to 45℃
- Circuit with perfect temperature control protection, stop charging when temperature exceeds 50℃, and stop charging when temperature is below 0℃
- Not support weather forecast, no need to connect to the Internet, low static power consumption, long standby time
- Two-way fast charging, the maximum power is 24W, and the general charging power is about 20W
- Size: 100x46x25mm; net weight about 220g
- Dual output ports, 1A 1C
- A port supports for SCP, VOOC, QC2.0, QC3.0, AFC, FCP fast charge output and ordinary Android, Apple, Samsung 5V2.4A slow charge, the highest output is 12v
- Compared with A port, C port also supports PD2.0, PD3.0, PPS, QC4+ fast charge output, the highest output is 12v
- Support dual-port simultaneous output and use while charging, only 5v slow charging, it is not recommended to use in this way
- Support timing output charging Bluetooth headset bracelet, enter the corresponding mode to activate, you can set the shutdown time arbitrarily
- C port input supports QC2.0, QC3.0, PD2.0, PD3.0, AFC, FCP charging input, the maximum request is 24W, generally about 20w

Operation Method:
Plug in a load or a charger to automatically turn on, or press the key to turn on. Short press the button to switching functions after booting, long press the button to execute the function, and automatically shut down after no-load standby is less than 0.5w for 30 seconds.


- Capacity: 10000mAh 3.6V 36Wh
- Battery: For Samsung 21700-50E
- Volume: 100*46*25mm
- Volume: 115 cubic centimeters
- Capacity to volume ratio: 86.96mAh per cubic centimeter
- Weight: 220g
- Capacity to weight ratio: 45.45mAh per gram
- Shell material: aluminum profile, CNC glass fiber, stainless steel
- Discharge power: 22.5W continuous discharge
- Discharge heat: motherboard 60℃, battery 50℃
- Charging power: peak 22.5w, continuous 18W
- Fast charge time: 130 minutes
- Charging speed: 77mAh per minute
- Charging overheating: The motherboard battery stops charging at 45℃
- The motherboard is overheated: The motherboard battery stops charging at 45℃
- Internal resistance of battery pack: 6.3mΩ
- Nickel band internal resistance: 2mΩ pure nickel + copper band
- Internal resistance of the protection board: 9mΩ
- Charging and discharging: 15W input + 12W output
- Input protocol: PD, QC, FCP, AFC
- Output interface: A+C
- Output protocol: For PD2.0, PD3.0, PPS, QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4, AFC, FCP, SCP22.5W, VOOC DASH 20W, MTKPE1.1, 2.0. No DC
- Coulomb counter parameters: no coulomb counter. Voltage analog percentage, battery voltage and current, no capacity parameters, output voltage and current power protocol, no remaining time
- Active balance: Single string does not need to be balanced
- Temperature sensor: 1 The main board probe is pressed on the battery
- Setting parameters: post-upgrade without any setting
- Display: 0.96 inch 160*80 color screen IPS
- Screen protection window: Hardened anti-scratch coating acrylic
- Static power consumption: 15mA on screen, 30uA off screen
- Brush: For Injoinic Zhirong Solution. STM32 imported processor
- DC-DC: SW6208 or IP5332
- Inductance: Taiwan-made integration
- Electrolytic capacitor: Taiwan-made Lelon solid state
- Main control: STM32F030
- Protection board: For Japan Seiko S8261
- Main power tube: Built-in MOS

Package Included:
- 1 x Power Bank

Question: Can the battery be replaced?
Answer: Please not replace the battery which is needs welding. Reasons: 1 The battery is more suitable. The current suitable battery for dual 21700 is a battery within 13 milliohms for Samsung 48G-50E, etc. Others are not suitable. 2. Long life, no frequent replacement. 3. Small internal resistance, low loss, low heat, this machine pure nickel 1.8mm² super thick nickel strip spot welding + 2.4mm² super thick copper strip with negative electrode, internal resistance only increases by 1 milliohm, spring crimp contact resistance at least 20 milliohms. 4. Safer and more stable, fast charging power is large, spot welding can be safer with excessive current, and it is impossible to cause fire due to poor contact. 5. The overall assembly is drop-resistant, and the battery is properly bonded and fixed to prevent shock and has higher strength. 6. The cost of the battery is low. The cost of this type of mobile power supply is mainly on the main board material and shell. 7. It is not recommended to disassemble the panel frequently. 8. No misoperation, the replaceable battery can be connected to scrap or even explode. 9. Higher accuracy, because the battery has the same connection method, it can easily compensate for the voltage error caused by the battery internal resistance, so that the display is more accurate and the charging speed is faster. 10. The volume is smaller, and there is no need for the space compressed by the spring shrapnel. In summary, we have no reason to replace the battery.

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