• YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E
  • YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E
  • YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E
  • YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E
  • YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E
  • YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E
  • YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E

YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E

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YZXSTUDIO Terminator 11 Power Bank Quick Charge For Laptop Coulomb Meter Battery For Samsung 50E

Read Before Purchasing:

- Be careful not to use and store it in an overheated, humid environment. If the product bulges, stop using.
- For some mobile phones for Huawei, especially 40W and 66W mobile phones, manufacturers limit the fast charging speed of ordinary SCP, PD and FCP, and do not support for all VIV0 and IQ00 fast charging. The above mobile phones only have a slow charging speed of about 10W. Please think twice before purchasing the product.
- All parameters on this page are for reference only, and everything is subject to the actual product.
- Due to manual assembling, the product has defects, scratches, dust, bumps, slightly skewed screen, etc. Please make sure that you don't mind before purchasing.

Capacity learning tutorial: Charge before using.
1: It has been set up for you and skip to 2. If the new machine is finished directly, please set the capacity when the battery voltage is lower than 16v. The recommended capacity of 50E is 9.900Ah.
2: The full speed at any speed is subject to the purple F in the upper right corner of the screen or the automatic shutdown after being fully charged.
3: Use about 18w of power to discharge until it is out of power and automatically shut down, try to complete step 3 discharge within 3 days.
4: The learning is completed, begin normal charging and discharging.

It is convenient to get on planes and subways. The nameplate should be marked as follows:
* 50E version 19800mAh-7.2V-140Wh
* The capacity is not a virtual standard, but the voltage corresponding to the rated capacity has been changed.

Risk Warning:
The charging power of this product is huge, and it can be pulled to the limit output of a charger. At room temperature 20℃, it can charge 100W to a constant voltage without slowing down. It can squeeze a PD power supply for more than 1 hour. It is recommended to use a single-port big-brand PD power supply or a big-brand laptop power supply (For Asus interface is just 5.5*2.5mm, keywords 19v6.32A 24V6.25A, etc.) to charge. If you have insufficient confidence in your charger's performance, please set the input current limit reasonably.

Battery Type:
For Samsung 50E-21700 battery cell, single cell capacity 5000mAh, 8 cells total capacity 40000mAh, 144Wh, the case is enlarged to 195x92x28mm, the weight is increased to 900g, suitable for various users. Original low internal resistance 13mΩ for Samsung 50E battery can run at full 150W in both directions without pressure. The recommended charging power of the battery cell is less than 144W. The measured maximum power is about 130W when the battery is charged at room temperature at 25℃ and does not exceed 45℃. Note that because the capacity is as high as 144Wh, you need to fill in a form at the check-in counter before you can take the plane.

Product Description:
① High-power DC150W adjustable power supply output, which can charge most laptops and even gaming notebooks, output 3-25V constant voltage, 0.5-12A constant current arbitrary adjustment, over-current short-circuit protection, can be used as an adjustable power supply, board end 96%+ ultra-high efficiency at 100W output.
② High-power DC150W charging input, ultra-fast charging speed. The input supports CC, CV, undervoltage shutdown V-OFF mode, supports 5-150W DC power charging, supports PD or QC charging, automatically detects the charging power, can also be used as an electronic load, and supports solar MPPT automatic power tracking.
③ Hardware high-precision coulomb counter, non-software simulation, external high-power active equalization, true capacity percentage display with a resolution of 0.1%, automatic learning capacity, and giving the number of battery cycles, attenuation ratio, single-cell battery voltage, single-cell Detailed parameters such as the internal resistance of the battery are convenient to check the battery performance.
④ Two-way PD2.0-100W input and output, innovation can set broadcast PDO and constant voltage and constant current bias arbitrarily, allowing mobile phones or laptops to apply for the best gear, and support flashing to upgrade more protocols.
⑤ SuperVOOC2.0-65W output, arbitrarily set constant current value and bias, can exceed the original charging speed, compatible with third-party lines, no original line is required.
⑥ 3-11V 5A PPS output, support PPS fast charge for Samsung and Xiaomi, genuine authorized VOOC+SCP output, support for the old one plus OPPO wow fast charge.
⑦ 1.44 inch TFT dot matrix large color screen, simplified Chinese, traditional, English trilingual fonts, multi-function setting menu, DIY boot screen, clear parameter display and setting.
⑧ 4 strings of active equalization hardware protection circuits, active equalization throughout the charging process, up to 4 temperature sensors to ensure that the temperature of the battery and the motherboard does not exceed the limit. Exceeding the temperature will not directly protect the charging from stopping, but linearly reduce the charging current or output current under the premise of constant temperature, which is more humane.
⑨ Thickened aluminum alloy anodized CNC finishing high-strength industrial-style shell. Thick anti-scratch embedded LCD screen protection board, stainless steel hexagon socket screws, glass fiber anti-drop panel, heat dissipation, feel, and durability are far ahead of similar products in all aspects.
⑩ Quadruple insulation of battery, battery overcharge, battery overdischarge, battery short circuit, battery overcurrent, battery overheating, battery overcooling, battery imbalance, motherboard overheating, output overvoltage, output undervoltage, output short circuit, CC short circuit to VBUS, the charger is plugged into the wrong port, and the MCU crashes, all are protected.

- Capacity: 40000mAh 3.6V 144Wh
- Battery: for Samsung 21700-50E
- Volume: 195*92*28mm
- Volume: 502 cubic centimeters
- Capacity to volume ratio: 79.68mAh per cubic centimeter
- Weight: 900g
- Capacity to weight ratio: 44.44mAh per gram
- Shell material: aluminum alloy profile + CNC window + glass fiber panel + stainless steel screw, fire resistance, light truck rolling resistance
- Discharge power: peak 240W, continuous 150W
- Discharge heat: mainboard 60℃, battery 50℃
- Charging power: peak 150W, continuous 130W
- Fast charge time: 75 minutes
- Charging speed: 533mAh per minute
- Charging overheating: decrease at 45℃, battery stops charging at 47℃
- The motherboard is overheated: decrease at 65℃, the motherboard shuts down at 70℃
- Internal resistance of battery pack: 24.5 milliohms
- Nickel band internal resistance: 5 milliohms of pure nickel
- Internal resistance of the protection board: 9 milliohms
- Charging and discharging: 100W input + 50W output
- Input protocol: PD, QC, DC, solar, electronic load
- Output interface: DC+C+C+USB interface, diverse without switching
- Output protocol: PD2.0, PD3.0, PPS. QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4, QC5. AFC, FCP, SCP22.5W. For VOOC DASH SuperVOOC65W, WARP65W, DART65W. For MTKPE1.1, MTKPE2.0 . DC reverse output to charge the game notebook, start the car, program-controlled adjustable power supply
- Coulomb counter parameters: the percentage of electricity is accurate to 0.1%. The accurately measured full capacity and remaining capacity. Battery voltage, current, temperature, internal resistance, and motherboard temperature. The number of cycles of capacity error attenuation. Each port's output voltage, current and power protocol. AI automatically learns the remaining time
- Active balance: balance current up to 50mA
- Temperature sensor: 1 battery probe + 3 main board probe
- Setting parameters: shutdown voltage and current time, display brightness display time, output voltage and current protocol of each port, charging input voltage and current, adjustable electronic load and adjustable power supply
- Display: 1.44 inch 128*128 color screen TFT, no OLED burn-in problem when lit for a long time
- Screen protection window: hardened anti-scratch coating acrylic, scratching the screen with nails does not cost
- Static power consumption: 10mA on screen, 40uA off screen
- Brush: often upgrade to join new agreements. Fully independent software programming development, STM32 imported processor imports PD protocol IC
- DC-DC: SC8815+SW3518S
- Inductance: For American COOPER+German copper foil inductor
- Electrolytic capacitor: Taiwan-made solid state with high temperature resistance of 125 degrees
- Main control: STM32F051
- Protection board: American BQ3060 Coulomb protection combo
- Main power tube: For ON Semiconductor NTMES5C645

Package Included:
- 1 x Power Bank

DC C1 port: DC bidirectional 150W, C1 bidirectional PD, and with reverse output function for SuperVOOC2.0. Note that the two ports cannot be used at the same time. Please not use C1 port when DC reverse output.

+ Button: Short press for next function, the cursor will move down, parameter +1, long press to confirm.
- Button: Short press for previous function, the cursor will move up, parameter -1, long press the button to exit. In the normal function interface, long press the button to shut down. These two buttons also have an output/charge indicator light, and the indicator light is on during output or charging.

C2 USB port: One-way output C2 port, one-way output USB port. Any port can be used alone to support fast charging, and dual ports can be used at the same time to support 5V2.4A slow charging.

Charging Protocols for Each Port:
DC: The input automatically recognizes the maximum current, supports the manual electronic load mode CC-CV or V-OFF, and outputs the manually adjusted voltage and current.

C1: Input automatically recognizes the PD gear, triggers self-charging in the maximum power gear, and is compatible with common protocol inputs such as QC2.0 or DCP. Output PD2.0-100W or SuperVOOC2.0-65W is optional.

Note that DC and C1 cannot be used at the same time.

C2: Output for Apple Samsung Android normal 5V fast charge, QC2, QC3, QC4+, AFC, FCP, SCP, PD2.0, PD3.0, PPS, MTKPE, range 3-15V3A or 3-11V5A.

USB: Output for normal 5V fast charge for Apple, Samsung, Android, QC2, QC3, AFC, FCP, SCP, VOOC1.0-3.0, DASH, MTKPE, range 3-12V3A.

Note that USB and C2 can be used at the same time, but only output 5V 2.4A*2 normal 5V fast charge when used at the same time. VOOC and DASH genuine authorization, you must use the original cable to quickly charge

The fast charge protocol is frequently updated and updated, and there is no guarantee that the fast charge of your mobile phone will be supported. For details, you can contact customer service to confirm whether it supports it.

Note: The C1 and DC ports have huge power, up to 150W bidirectional. It is not recommended to charge low-power devices such as mobile phones. It is only recommended to charge laptops or larger loads. When C1-PD reverse output, please confirm whether the function has been switched to PD output or SV2.0 output. It is recommended to confirm that the actual output voltage is less than 3V before plugging in the device. It is not recommended to stay in the C1-PD output for any other function. Random playing with C1 and DC related functions caused the burning of low-power devices such as mobile phones. Our store is not responsible.

Precautions for Use:
DC and C1 share a set of circuits, don't use them at the same time, the hardware is close to prevent foolishness, and the normal plug cannot be plugged in at the same time. In addition, when using DC reverse output, do not plug a mobile phone into the C1 port, which may cause the mobile phone to explode. There is a protective film on the screen of the new machine, which can be torn off.

Main Functions:
- Battery secondary parameter interface display
- DC reverse output
- Automatic charging input
- Electronic load function
- C1 port PD reverse output
- For SuperVOOC2.0 reverse output

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