• TDA7294+LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier Board 68W+68W+160W 2.1 Channel
  • TDA7294+LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier Board 68W+68W+160W 2.1 Channel
  • TDA7294+LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier Board 68W+68W+160W 2.1 Channel

TDA7294+LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier Board 68W+68W+160W 2.1 Channel

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TDA7294+LM3886 Audio Power Amplifier Board 68W+68W+160W 2.1 Channel

Product Description

Semiconductor LM3886 (NS) a prestigious, high-performance audio power amplifier integrated circuits, the maximum output power up to 68W, accurate and vivid tones, noise, and distortion are quite low, but relatively complete protection, stable performance. LM3886 once launched to great acclaim, and soon became the medium and high power audio amplifiers and high fidelity HIFI active monitor speakers amplifier configuration. Lok Lam famous American audio manufacturers have to LM3886 to amplify the core crew expensive, can be said to be one of the audio amplifier IC LM3886 every audiophile will play and play often. TDA7294 is Europe's leading SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics STMicroelectronics destroyed in the 1990s out of a field of high-power integrated circuit tube output. Quite bile taste. Completely changed in the past integrated amplifier raw, cold, hard sound, widely used in HI-FI fields. The chip is designed to focus on the tone having high pressure, low noise, low distortion, high power, sound soft Naiting.

Product Details
All components of this product are original authentic, pure and unpretentious, quality; the use of high-quality original parts, not only the safety and quality guaranteed, long life, more importantly, that the actual performance can meet the design goals of a strong guarantee. Pursuit of the best quality is the consistent aim of our restaurant.

The entire circuit board trace layout is quite strict and reasonable, the overall PCB traces using a little grounding. The amplifier board is stable and reliable, high output power; beautiful mellow sound, open sound field. Dimensional sense of strong, solid and strong low-frequency steady, very good signal to noise ratio, wide dynamic range; the details clear, excellent transient response, playing all kinds of music are comfortable with, in the home of the playback environment has a very good performance.

- Adopt new original LM3886 and TDA7294.
- Front input capacitance and inter-stage coupling capacitance capacitors using CBB top 2.2UF, electrolytic capacitor signal main circuit designer from Taiwan, the main filter capacitor capacity using KINGBOX 10000UF / 50V * 6, the total capacity of 6WUF, rectifier 25A and above the use of domestic flat bridge, to ensure strong support for a steady stream of power.
- Resistance selection Rings metal resistance, the main circuit employs a precision of ± 1% metal film resistors rings, ensure the machine a good signal to noise ratio.
- 1.6mm thick sheet using double-sided PCB, 2.0 oz copper thickness, HASL whole process to ensure that the size of the current through the good performance. PCB-class quality.
- Negative feedback tuning pre-tuning of the design, to reduce crossover distortion, a better sense of hearing.
- Gold-plated hole IC seat selection, not an ordinary IC Block, more durable!
- Subwoofer section composed by two new TDA7294 BTL output, low-pass filtering is based on a home theater-style adjustable frequency design (50-150HZ), strong power! Left and right channels, respectively, held by two LM3886.
- Supply voltage: AC Dual 20V-28V, the proposed two 26V / 300 watts or more
- Output Power: 68W * 2 (left and right) + 160W (8 ohm subwoofer)
- Speaker Impedance: 4-8 Ohms
- PCB size: 236 * 98MM
- Potentiometer center spacing: 25MM
- From left to right potentiometer: bass frequencies, the bass and overall volume of the left and right, left and right channel bass, treble left and right channels, the total volume.
Package Contents:
- 1 x Power Amplifier Board

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