• YT-PM2510 2-Channel PM2.5 Sensor PM10 Sensor 5V TTL Port Laser Dust Sensor

YT-PM2510 2-Channel PM2.5 Sensor PM10 Sensor 5V TTL Port Laser Dust Sensor

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YT-PM2510 2-Channel PM2.5 Sensor PM10 Sensor 5V TTL Port Laser Dust Sensor   


The sensor integrates laser particle detection technology and information processing technology. It is a pumping laser PM2.5/PM10 sensor detection device with good stability, high sensitivity and good consistency. It has digital output and analog output. It is easy to install, maintain and use.

The structure of the sensor is reasonable and scientific. Using electronic cutting technology, laser scattering principle, vacuum pump sampling, the detection gas is directly sent into the laser sensor chamber for sample analysis. The inlet and outlet nozzles are wide-in and narrow-out vertical output design. After the sample airflow enters the photosensitive zone, it is restrained by the surrounding clean air, and remains non-diffusion, avoiding turbulence of the gas path and dust remaining on the optical lens. It effectively keeps the sensor chamber not easily being polluted by external factors, so that the sensor detection accuracy is stable and reliable for a long time.

The sensor has been tested, debugged and calibrated, featuring good consistency and high sensitivity.

- Long-term stability, high sensitivity and rich interface output
- Vacuum Pump Sampling: uniform intake, stable flow, accurate monitoring
- Long service life thanks to its self-cleaning function, which makes it not easy to be polluted and operates with higher accuracy  
- Fast Detection Speed: Update data once every second
- Electronic Cutting Technology: Light scattering principle with stable performance
- Mathematical processing & real-time monitoring
- The minimum detection particle size 0.2um
- Swiss imported temperature and humidity sensor and laser sensor are complementary in the detection technology, so that the PM2.5 and PM10 concentration values are not easily affected by humidity interference, so that the detection result is more accurate
- Easy installation and maintenance

- Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring system
- Urban particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10) micro station monitoring system
- Dust monitoring system
- Air purifier
- Fresh air system
- Air freshener
- Air conditioning system
- Portable instrument
- Smoke alarm

- Detection Items: PM2.5, PM10, Temperature & Humidity
- PM Range: 1 to 1000 ug/m³
- Resolution: 1ug/m³
- Measurement Accuracy: ≤±20%
- Repeatability: ≥80%
- Operating Temperature: -10 to 60℃
- Operating Humidity: 0 to 90%RH
- Sampling Time: Settable
- Sampling Flow Rate: 1 L/min
- Data Updating Frequency: ≥1s
- Data Interface: TTL Communications Port
- Humidity Measurement Range: 100%RH
- Temperature Measurement Range: -40℃ to 123.8℃
- Over-Limit Alarm: Can be arbitrarily set according to your own requirements
- Storage Temperature: -20℃to 80℃, Humidity: 0 to 90%RH
- Weight: about 350g
- Life Span: >50,000 hours

Power Supply:
- Voltage: DC5.0V to 7.4V
- Ripple: <30mV (Please keep it within 20mV)
- Current: ≥300mA
- Operating Temperature: -10℃ to 60℃
- Humidity: 0 to 90%RH (no condensation)

Package Included:
- 1 x 2-Channel PM2.5 PM10 Sensor 5V TTL Port

Pin Description:

Note: Please not keep the sensor working continuously. It is recommended that the program be designed to work once every 1 hour for 1 minute, or every 30 minutes for a single 30 seconds, or 20 minutes for 20 seconds, so that the service life can be maximized.

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