• Altera CycloneII EP2C8Q208 NIOS II SOPC FPGA Main Board

Altera CycloneII EP2C8Q208 NIOS II SOPC FPGA Main Board

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Altera CycloneII EP2C8Q208 NIOS II SOPC FPGA Main Board

- CycloneII Core: EP2C8Q208 FPGA chip
- EPCS4 configuration Flash chip
- Configuration mode: JTAG and AS
- Onboard active crystal clock 50Mhz
- 8 User LEDs
- Onboard 4M Bit SRAM, Model CY7C1041VC33
- Onboard 256M Bit (32M bytes) SDRAM
- Onboard 64M Bit NOR FLASH (8M bytes) (as storage device for uCOSII, uCLINUX, Linux, Nucleus)
- Onboard SD card socket for external SD card memory
- One RS232 serial port with MAX3232
- One buzzer
- Two 4-digit 7-segment LED digital tube
- 8 DIP switches for decoding experiment
- 5 User buttons
- One  PS / 2 keyboard and mouse interface, can als beuse the PS / 2 adapter for both Keyboard and Mouse application together)
- LCD1602/LCD12864 interface
- AT24C04 IIC Interface
- 8 bit VGA interface, support for 256 color display
- 16 bit TFT LCD interface, support for various size TFT LCD screen.(4.3" TFT LCD module is optional, please contact us for buying)
- Lead out 32 I/O ports, two clock inputs, two clock output via 40-pin IDE transposon for easy expansion

Board Source Description


Altera Cyclone II EP2C8Q208


32M bytes

NOR Flash

8M bytes




8 user LEDs


4M Bit

User Key

User button * 5 DIP switches

Configue IC


JTAG Interface

JTAG *1  AS *1

Power Input

DC +5V

PCB Size

104 MM * 149MM


8 bit VGA interface

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