• KDS 800 Head Lock Gyro for RC Helicopter 3D Flying

KDS 800 Head Lock Gyro for RC Helicopter 3D Flying

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KDS 800 Head Lock Gyro for RC Helicopter 3D Flying

KDS800 is a gyro with function of dual rate and head lock, which designed for helicopters specially. KDS800 adopts AVCS (Angular Vector Control System), which makes the funstion of head lock more outstanding and steady.
AVCS system: Since rudder trim changes caused by wind and other meteorological changes, and varieties of helicopter attitude changes are automatically cancelled, tail rudder operation becomes easy, making it perfect for 3D flight.

With positive reverse switch, DS mode switch, control delay adjustment knob, steering gear stroke adjustment knob. By the remote control to adjust gyro sensitivity and switching lock (AVCS) mode and normal mode.

KDS800 helicopter designed specifically for the double-lock tail gyro sensitivity, using AVCS (Angular Vector System) point of vector control system, so that the lock end of the performance is more prominent and stable.

 AVCS system: automatic elimination of wind or other climatic factors, as well as the helicopter caused by a variety of pose and multi-rudder offset, making rudder control easy, suitable for 3D flight.

Main Functions:
- Minimizes changes in an aircraft's attitude by wind etc
- Angular acceleration commands used
- Sensor vibration proofing
- Simple sensitivity adjustment


- Dimensions: 28mm x 28mm x 20mm
- Control System: Digital Proportional R/C System
- Operating Voltage: 4.8V - 6V (common for receiver)
- Operating Current: 80mA
- Operating Temperature: -10 to 45 degree

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