• ZTW 70 Amp SBEC Brushless Speed Controller ESC For Multicopter

ZTW 70 Amp SBEC Brushless Speed Controller ESC For Multicopter

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ZTW 70 Amp SBEC Brushless Speed Controller ESC For Multicopter
- The ZTW 70 Amp speed controller features a switching battery eliminating circuit (SBEC)  allowing not only a higher operating Voltage, but the ability to operate over 4 servos reliably from the speed controllers BEC circuit. The ZTW 70 Amp controller would be the ideal ESC for .40 - .60 size I.C. conversions where 5 - 6S Li-Po batteries are generally required. The ZTW 70 Amp controller would also be a low cost alternative to the popular Hacker X-70 SB Pro that is recommended for the SebArt range of aircraft using the Hacker A60-12S such as the SebArt Katana S50, Angel S 50 or Sukhoi S50.
- This controller is ideal for many other aircraft and helicopter applications that are operating four or more servos/gyro and require a really good controller with a SBEC circuit.
- Continuous current: 70A
- Peak current: 90A
- Controller use: Airplane/Helicopter
- BEC output: 5.5V / 4A 4+ servos (8A momentary load)
- BEC type: Switching SBEC
- Ni-MH cells supported (Voltage): 5~18cells
- Li-Po cells supported (Voltage):  2~6cells
- Weight: 35g
- Dimensions of PCB plus capacitors: Length: 68mm, Width: 24mm, Depth: 13mm
- Input wire length from (Red/Black): 78mm
- Output wire length (3x Black): 68mm
- Wire gauge: 14 AWG Silicone
- Supplied with universal ‘JR’ style lead and plug.
- Extremely high rpm ability that can support virtually all the current brushless motors in the market
- Super smooth and accurate linear acceleration
- Safe start function
-  Protection from losing remote control signal
- Over temperature protection automatically reduces power output at 110℃, until controller temperature recovers to below 110℃
-  Robust BEC circuits ability of driving servo, surpass all ESC in current market
-  Suitable for all types of brushless motors
-  Extensive programming functions
Programmable functions:
-  Brake setting
-  Battery type (Li-Po or Ni-MH/NiCad)
-  Cut-off voltage setting
-  Restore factory setting
-  Motor timing
-  Acceleration on start up (hard, soft, very soft)
-  Helicopter mode (for Helicopter models)
-  Motor direction (clockwise/counter clockwise)
-  Operation frequency
-  Low voltage cut-off type (slow down or shutdown immediately)
- All ZTW speed controllers are supplied without an on/off switch. I feel this is a positive move and firstly eliminates the risk of accidently leaving the drive battery connected leading to irreversible damage to your Li-Po battery and secondly removes the need to fasten the switch securely to prevent accidental switch off.
- All ZTW speed controllers feature the same programming. Programming can be accessed using either your transmitters stick or with the optional programme card that we would strongly recommend.
- ZTW controllers are supplied without connectors but feature pre-tinned wires for easy soldering.
- All controllers are supplied bagged.
- When selecting your ESC please ensure that you match it correctly to your motor/propeller set-up. We would always recommend selecting a controller with a higher rating than required to provide a safety margin, especially if you have no means to test your power system. Apart from size and weight, no compatibility issues should arise from using a larger controller. We would strongly recommend that you read our returns policy with regards to controllers before ordering.

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