• 2.4G 16CH DK32 Drone Transmitter + Receiver + T1a Flight Controller + Rader for Agricultural Drones

2.4G 16CH DK32 Drone Transmitter + Receiver + T1a Flight Controller + Rader for Agricultural Drones

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2.4G 16CH DK32 Drone Transmitter + Receiver + T1a Flight Controller + Rader for Agricultural Drones


1. In an open environment, DK32 data transmission distance can reach 10KM, can perfectly meet the requirements of users over-the-horizon flight.
2. The transmitter of DK32 remote control supports USB connection PC, USB and Bluetooth connection smartphone and Pad. (Bluetooth is optional, standard configuration does not include)
3. The receiver of DK32 remote control supports UART, CAN connection flight control. (CAN is optional, standard configuration is not included)
4. Using the newly developed two-way 2.4G spread spectrum technology SHTT, the effective maximum operating distance can reach 10KM (the distance is measured without interference in the outdoor open environment), the remote control and receiver unique code pairing, plus Fast frequency hopping technology to improve anti-interference ability, prevent interference with other remote controllers, support multiple remote controllers and work stably at the same time
5. Full-featured 16-CH high-speed response mode supports all models of fixed-wing, helicopter, glider, multirotor, RC car, RC ship.
6. Vibration prompts, Chinese and English menus and voice broadcasts.
7. Wide viewing angle highlights the color LCD touch screen to ensure that the outdoor flight is clearly visible. It adopts a mobile terminal-level capacitive touch screen and has a turntable button to assist operation, making the adjustment quicker and more convenient. The remote control interface is the latest development of a customized new GUI system that provides a more user-friendly user experience for display and touch input.
8. Powerful features to meet a variety of complex modules or robot models
  • The default 64 sets of model data are stored and can be expanded indefinitely.
  • Powerful programmable mixing, support for a variety of custom common mixing and curve mixing settings.
  • Adjustable ratio function, throttle curve, pitch curve editing, complex curve adjustment is easy
  • Through the data copy function, it is convenient for the model friend to exchange model settings and share convenience.
  • Coach function, veteran with novice, comes with various protection functions, the trainer switches control
  • Channel mapping, out of control protection
9. PC tuning upgrade software, used for tuning and upgrade functions, better than the LCD tuning experience, enjoy continuous feature upgrade services.

Technical Parameters:

Overall Performance:  

• Maximum communication distance (no interference, no blocking): 15 km
• Operating frequency: 2.400-2.483 GHz
• Number of channels: 26 physical channels, 16 receiver output channels
• Support models: plant protection machine / multi-rotor / fixed wing / glider / helicopter
• Flight control supported by digital transmission:
 It works for
 1. TopXgun T1-A
 2. Woozoom THEONE – A
 3. EFY Finix200
 4. JIYI K3A
 6. QIAO Matrix
 7. Cfuas C1-A
 8. Open source flight control PIX, APM
 9. DJI N3, A3 (requires buyer to match DJI expansion module support)

Ground Terminal (remote control transmitter)
• Language display Chinese/English
• Connect mobile phone, tablet interface A-USB, Micro USB, Bluetooth, WIFI (optional)
• Dimensions 194.5 x 172.5 x 114mm
• Weight 610g
• Charging Requirement: Micro USB 5V 2A (USB cable is not included)

Sky Terminal (remote control receiver integrated DATALINK)
• Signal output 16-channel S.Bus, 9-channel PPM, 9-channel PWM
• Connect flight control interface UART, CAN (optional)
• Dimensions (without antenna) 49 x 26 x 14mm
• Weight (without antenna) 22g
• Antenna gain 5dBi
• Working voltage 5 V-8.4V
• Working environment temperature -10℃ to 55 ℃

Package Included:
- 1 x DK32 Drone Transmitter + Receiver
- 1 x T1a Flight Controller Set
- 1 x Millimeter Wave Radar

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