• GPS Shield With SD Card Slot for Arduino

GPS Shield With SD Card Slot for Arduino

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GPS Shield With SD Card Slot for Arduino
- This is the GPS SR92 module for Arduino with a SD card slot.
- Easy adoption with best performance
- Integrated antenna and EMC protection
- Built-in backup battery allowing hot/warm starts and better performance
- No external component demand, just connect and use.
-  Minimum RF and EMI efforts
-  Small size of 18 (W) x 21 (L) x 7 (H) (mm) with patch antenna of 18x18x4mm.
-  Fully implementation of ultra-high performance SiRFstarIII single chip architecture
- High tracking sensitivity of -159dBm
- Low power consumption of 40mA at full tracking
- Hardware power saving control pin allowing power off GPS via GPIO
- SR-92 could be arranged at best reception location inside housing
- Firmware upgradeable for future potential performance enhancements

This GPS receiver comes with embedded antenna and only needs 5 pins to talk to your Arduino or MCU.

Pin  1:  GND Ground  
Pin  2:  VCC Power supply of 3.3 ~ 3.5 VDC
Pin  3:  TX Port A serial data output (GPS out); N-8-1, NMEA v3.00 output
Pin 4:   RX Port A serial data input (GPS in); N-8-1, accepts commands from external applications, e.g. SiRFDemo.
Pin 5:   5 PWR_CTRL Hardware controlled power saving pin.
            If this function is used, it is usually connected to a GPIO pin of a micro-processor.
            "Low": for normal run
            "High" or floating: turn off VCC for power saving
             Tie it to low if this pin is not used.


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