• CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet
  • CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet

CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet

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CANalyst-II CAN Analyzer Extreme Edition For Linux CAN-Bus Professional Tools For CANOpen DeviceNet

Version Comparison:

Extreme Edition For Linux:
- Red aluminum alloy shell
- 3D flame-retardant insulation baffle has passed 2500V isolation withstand voltage test
- OBD adapter is not included
- For Linux system and for Windows

Pro Version Upgraded:
- Upgraded version of the Extreme Edition
- CAN2 channel can be configured as high-speed CAN or low-speed fault-tolerant CAN through software
- Support high-speed CAN/high-speed CAN, high-speed/low-speed fault tolerance, high-speed/single-wire CAN relay function and protocol analysis
- It can measure all kinds of CAN lines, covering automotive power CAN, drive CAN, instrument CAN, comfort CAN, entertainment CAN, information CAN, diagnosis CAN
- Contains all the functions of other models of this series

Description of Extreme Edition For Linux:
For Windows + Linux system: support for x86, ARM platform, support for all versions of Ubuntu, support for Raspberry Pi, support for VMware virtual machine. Abandon the socket CAN mode used by other manufacturers. Provide 32bit, 64bit development library, USB driver is integrated in the development library, no need to install separately. The same library file is applicable to all kernel versions, and the compatibility far exceeds that for ZLG. Provide secondary development samples for Linux, detailed operation commands and operation method steps to lower the development threshold. Using the same set of library functions for Windows and Linux, secondary development can be directly and completely transplanted.

- Support remote software and firmware online upgrades! Click the software button to upgrade the system
- Quality assurance, stability and reliability, the first choice for scientific research institutes and industrial applications. More than 20,000 companies are using our products
- Freely switch software language Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English
- Support for CANopen, SAE J1939, DeviceNET, iCAN and other high-level protocols and custom protocol analysis and analysis
- The analyzer can read error frames
- Support offline intelligent relay function, can be used as a relay
- Support automatic baud rate detection, relay and transparent transmission functions
- Provide 32-bit, 64-bit secondary development interface
- Configurable to any baud rate, full range baud rate
- Open PC-side debugging software source code
- Provide sample source code for secondary development projects of various mainstream development platforms: for C++Builder, C#, VC, VB, VB.NET, Delphi, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Q, Matlab, Python/Python-can, Linux Down-sampling example (products for Linux system)
- Support for ZLG ZOPC_Server OPC server software
- Support for configuration software such as Kingview/MCGS
- Support for ZLG new model USBCAN-2E-U
- Support DBC protocol analysis, DBC file import, can directly analyze the engine speed and other information in car OBD interface
- Filter table intuitive configuration, intelligent filtering (unlimited ID or ID segment)
- Use the driver that comes with that for windows system-Microsoft winUSB, for Microsoft digital signature certification, and the first to support for win10 32bit/64bit. Note: For win7 and above, the system will automatically install driver
- Support bus load rate/utilization rate/flow rate, real-time graph display of curve
- Metal frosted shell, provide shielded wire interface (improve anti-interference ability), real industrial grade
- Industrial-grade enhanced type: multiple protection measures such as lightning protection, static electricity, short circuit, reverse connection protection, etc.
- Three terminals of USB, CAN1 and CAN2 are completely isolated, truly completely isolated, without interfering with each other! (The CAN1 and CAN2 products of other merchants are not isolated)
- Built-in multi-pole protection such as GDT (gas discharge tube), TVS tube, etc., which can effectively release instantaneous large current and static electricity
- Military-grade craftsmanship:
  * PCB adopts high standard military grade A grade material (with watermark anti-counterfeiting mark for KB)
  * 2.0mm ultra-thick, ultra-large PCB, immersion gold technology, stability increased by 200%.
  * Fully imported electronic components, automatic placement machine processing (SMT), lead-free process
  * Built-in common mode choke for EPCOS (for TDK), suppress common mode interference, and increase the anti-interference ability by 10 times
  * 72 hours continuous sending and receiving verification test, high and low temperature aging test, vibration and shock test
- Each channel has two built-in 120Ω terminal resistors, which is convenient for point-to-point debugging. Terminal resistance dial switch control, convenient and quick
- Two channels reach 8500 frames per second at the same time, two channels are independently configured, work independently, and do not interfere with each other
- Two channels can communicate with each other, which is convenient for testing and learning
- The product adopts lead-free technology and provides Chinese and English manuals and software
- The manufacturer's logo is no longer printed on the product shell to facilitate project application

More Details:
① Using a 32-bit 80M high-frequency, high-performance processor, with 512K flash and 128K SRAM storage space.
② Adopt advanced online programming technology (write FLASH online) to save CAN configuration information and status in real time, without having to perform complicated configuration every time it turns on.
③ 10K~1M baud rate can be configured arbitrarily, with baud rate calculation and configuration tools, one-key configuration.
④ 10K~1M baud rate can be measured in any frame, and the baud rate of the target device can be automatically measured in seconds.
⑤ Support for win10/win8/win7/xp (64bit/32bit), Linux, USB1.1/USB2.0/USB3.0 and tablet OTG specifications. Support for Windows tablet.
⑥ All use military-grade craftsmanship, mass production testing, and quality assurance.
⑦ Unique encryption technology: Users develops the software for the second time, which can realize the binding of the software and the hardware, or a set of serial numbers can be built into the software to realize the binding of a software to multiple specific devices.

- Industrial-grade dual-channel CAN analyzer
- Excellent quality, durable
- Relay and transparent transmission
- Military-grade craftsmanship (immersion gold)
- Industrial-grade enhanced protection
- Real industrial grade, fully isolated
- Fully automatic patch welding, lead-free process
- Built-in terminal resistance, DIP switch control
- High-speed USB 2.0 interface compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 1.1
- Physical quantity extraction and graphic display: Support for extracting physical quantities in CAN frames, digital, dashboard display, and curve display. Supports curve analysis of variables after importing DBC files. Supports curve analysis of variables in custom protocols. The graphical display interface can be flexibly edited, avoiding tedious secondary development
- Support real-time saving, importing and exporting data, which is convenient for users to test and analyze data for a long time
- Support data playback function: the user can record all the data of the tested bus, and then replay it through CANalyst-II
- Support for vehicle DBC decoding, CANopen, J1939 protocol, State Grid charging pile and BMS protocol analysis
- 2-channel 2500VDC electrically isolated CAN interface, electrostatic level contact discharge ±8KV.
- Full load receiving capability at any baud rate, large 130,000 frame buffer, no frame loss
- Support for Freescale chip CAN bus upgrade firmware
- Support bus load rate monitoring
- The CAN protocol fully complies with CAN 2.0B specifications, is compatible with CAN 2.0A, and complies with ISO 11898-1/2/3. Users can purchase CANBridge-1054 separately, which supports the fault-tolerant CAN standard of ISO11898-3
- CAN baud rate can be set arbitrarily, the range is between 10kbps~1Mbps
- Support detecting the bus baud rate, you can easily know the unknown baud rate of the bus
- Support various development environments, efficient and easy-to-use secondary development functions, support various development environments, for example, it is for VC, C#, Labview, LINUX, etc.

About CANalyst-II Analyzer:
① CANalyst-II is suitable for CANopen, SAE J1939, DeviceNET, iCAN protocol analysis and other high-level protocol analysis, and also supports user-defined protocol analysis.
② CANalyst-II, also known as CAN analyzer, is a product with good performance in USB CAN conversion equipment, including all the functions of other USBCAN products. Cost-effective. If it is within the budget, CANalyst-II is the first choice.
③ The obvious difference between CANalyst-II and other USBCAN devices is that the CAN analyzer has high-level protocols (for CANopen, SAE J1939, DeviceNET, iCAN) and other protocol analysis functions. At present, among CAN bus applications, they are basically CAN high-level protocols.
④ CANalyst-II supports for ZLG CANalyst-II analyzer CANpro protocol analysis platform new version (V1.50)

About CAN Relay, Transparent Transmission Function:
① Relay (device) function: Support CAN relay function to realize real-time high-speed exchange of data of 2 CAN channels at the same or different baud rates. (Same as CAN repeater, can run offline)
② Transparent transmission function: In the relay state, through the PC software, the data exchange of CAN1 and CAN2 can be monitored in real time, and data can be sent to the bus at the same time.
③ The role of CAN relay (device): 1. Extend the receiving distance. 2. Signal isolation. 3. Connect the CAN network to the CAN repeater, and analyze the transceiver status of the CAN network without disconnecting the CAN network to facilitate protocol analysis. )
④ USBCAN device with dual-channel CAN, the advantage is to use its relay function, if a dual-channel CAN device does not have the relay function, it is no different from single-channel CAN.
⑤ CAN relay configuration software
⑥ Other features:
1. It can save configuration data, run after offline automatic initialization, and realize independent relay (device) function.
2. It can realize all-round control of data flow, CAN1->CAN2, CAN1<-CAN2, CAN1<->CAN2 can be selected according to needs.
3. In the relay process, the PC software can also be used to monitor the communication of the equipment to realize transparent transmission and send data to the bus at the same time. (At this time, the operation and function of the USBCAN device are exactly the same, and the relay function and transparent transmission function are realized at the same time.)

About CANPro Protocol Analysis Platform, High-level Protocol Analysis Functions:
CANalyst-II supports for CAN2.0A and 2.0B underlying protocol analysis, SAE J1939 protocol analysis, CANopen protocol analysis, DeviceNET protocol analysis, iCAN protocol analysis and user-defined protocol analysis (you can manually configure your own protocol content as needed).

The CANPro protocol analysis platform software is the standard software of CANalyst-II, which provides support for CAN underlying protocol analysis, iCAN protocol analysis, DeviceNet protocol analysis, CANopen protocol analysis and SAE J1939 protocol analysis. In the CANPro protocol analysis platform, user-defined protocol tools or script protocol tools can also be used to analyze other non-standard CAN-bus network-based high-level protocols.

The script protocol tool is a new function of the CANPro protocol analysis platform. It has a new data list display interface and message search and classification functions. It is a very powerful CAN network analysis and debugging tool.

Features of CANPro Protocol Analysis Platform:
- CANPro protocol analysis platform software is the standard software of CANalyst-II, suitable for Windows XP, Windows 7/8
- Support CAN2.0A/2.0B
- Can display CAN frames or protocol messages in two ways: all records and ID combined records
- Support the analysis of CAN-bus network-based high-level protocols, for iCAN, DeviceNet, CANopen, SAE J1939, etc.
- Users can customize high-level protocols based on CAN-bus network
- Protocol frames can be sent for analog operation
- With trigger function, it can be set to trigger the sending of the corresponding protocol frame when the specified type of protocol frame is received
- Each part of the protocol message can be set to display in different colors, and it can also be set to display the specified color when the value of a certain part in the protocol frame is a specified value
- With filter display function, can not display the specified protocol frame
- The data can be saved to a file, and it can also be saved in real time, that is, save the data to a file while receiving
- Data files can be imported for easy viewing of data previously saved in the file
- Can work in monitoring mode (that is, no ACK bit or error frame is sent, so it does not interfere with the CAN-bus system)
- The data in the list can be classified and displayed according to the set number of columns
- The CAN protocol can be used to send ordinary files or CAN frame data files, and the trigger can also be set to send ordinary files or CAN frame data files
- Can use CANPro script to define CAN-bus-based high-level protocol
- With the use of CANPro script to set filter display, custom protocol frame color, receive trigger and other functions
- Can use CANPro script to send CAN frame

About USBCAN-2E-U DBC Protocol Analysis and Intelligent Filtering Function:
① USBCAN-2E-U is a new generation of USBCAN equipment for ZLG, USBCAN-I/II adopts USB1.1 chip + single-chip + CAN controller (SJA1000) program, and SPI communication is adopted between the chips. The USBCAN-2E-U uses an advanced 32-bit processor (with one USB2.0 full-speed interface, two high-performance CAN controllers), and all models of our company use the USBCAN-2E-U solution.
② Compared with USBCAN-I/II, USBCAN-2E-U not only improves communication performance and electrical reliability, but also adds abundant application functions. Mainly increase the DBC protocol analysis and intelligent filtering functions.
③ Each CAN channel of USBCAN-E(2E)-U can independently support the analysis of vehicle CAN-bus application protocol. As long as the user imports the relevant DBC file in the CANtest software, the analysis of application layer data can be realized. It can be used for vehicle CAN protocol analysis, vehicle testing and maintenance, cracking vehicle CAN protocol, etc.
④ All models of our company are compatible with USBCAN-I/II and USBCAN-2E-U, whether for debugging or secondary development.

Reasons For Choosing This Product:
1. Public debugging software CANTOOL source code:
Our USB CAN TOOL is an application software dedicated to USB CAN debugging that we have developed with all our heart. The software contains a variety of complex and practical functions, which cannot be achieved by the sample program source code!

2. Specific performance:
① Using a 32-bit 80M high-performance processor with a main frequency of 512K flash and 128K SRAM, which can cache 6000 frames of CAN information, which is better than STM and other solutions (the main frequency of STM series chips is not higher than 72M, and the size of 64~256K is not Such as Flash, SRAM not higher than 64K).
② It supports advanced online programming technology (write FLASH online) and can save CAN configuration information and status in real time (without external EEPROM), without having to perform tedious configuration every time it turns on.
③ The chip has one high-speed USB and two CAN ports, which is the current advanced solution. There is no data transmission bottleneck. Other USBCAN products on the market use multiple chips, serial or parallel communication in the middle, and use USB to simulate serial communication and other solutions. There are many communication bottlenecks, complicated circuits, and poor reliability.

3. Ratio rate:
The real full-speed USB can easily carry two channels of CAN and easily kill the low-end products on the market: USB serial port, single channel CAN and so on. The two channels reach 9000 frames per second at the same time, without mutual interference! A long time test does not lose a frame.

4. One machine for multiple devices:
On a PC, 10pcs USB-CANs can be run at the same time. Independent operation does not interfere with each other. It is used in a monitoring device to monitor multiple CAN networks at the same time, or when the reliability requires data comparison and time verification.

5. Host computer and compatibility:
All products are compatible with USBCAN device CAN-bus general test software CANTest new version (V2.41) for ZLG, compatible with USBCAN device CANTools tool software new version (V6.12) for Geeyang, compatible with software for Freescale FreeMaster ( Convenient for online real-time debugging of motor applications via CAN bus). Using our equipment can still continue to use these software, allowing you to achieve more powerful functions at a lower cost.

CANalyst-II analyzer supports for ZLG CANPro protocol analysis software V1.50.

6. Stable USB driver:
The driver uses the regular WinUSB driver (for Winusb.sys) for Microsoft fitting all USB devices. Standard drive and strong compatibility. Supports for Windows 10 (64-bit, 32-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit, 32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit, 32-bit), Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP (64-bit, 32-bit), Windows 2000. For above Windows 7, the system will automatically connect to the Internet, search, download, and install the USB driver. Plug and play, truly drive-free.

Supports for Linux system.

7. Complete engineering examples:
Provide various mainstream development platform engineering sample source code, simple modification on the basis of the sample project, you can complete most of the working conditions, greatly shorten the user development cycle, sample code development environment includes: for ①C++Builder, ②C #, ③VC, ④VB, ⑤VB.NET, ⑥Delphi, ⑦LabVIEW, ⑧LabWindows/CVI, ⑨Matlab, QT, and more

8. Full range of baud rate automatic recognition:
10k~1M baud rate range, you only need to click the mouse to detect the baud rate on the bus in seconds, saving countless precious time for your test work!

9. Simple and professional baud rate setting:
To set the universal standard baud rate, just select it in the drop-down list; at the same time, we also support multi-register combination to set non-standard baud rate, you can set any baud rate between 10K and 1M according to your needs!

10. Humanized filtering settings, easy to face complex filtering

11. Combine similar IDs and explain in simple terms:
Combining similar ID functions: A device generally sends a limited number of ID data, which has the same meaning as the ID data. Generally, debugging only needs to pay attention to the current frame of data.

Work in a simple way: When using this function, the software will highlight the changed data, which can help users quickly complete variable identification when cracking unknown protocols.

Typical Application:

- Realize the sending and receiving of CAN bus network through the USB interface of PC or notebook;
- Fast CAN network data collection and data analysis;
- Fast CAN network data collection and data analysis;
- CAN bus-USB gateway;
- USB interface to CAN network interface;
- Extend the network communication length of CAN bus;
- Industrial field CAN network data monitoring;
- CAN-bus network debugging and testing;
- CAN2.0A/2.0B message analysis;
- For iCAN protocol analysis;
- For DeviceNet protocol analysis;
- For CANopen protocol analysis;
- For SAE J1939 protocol analysis.

Package Included:

- 1 x Set of CAN Bus Analyzer

- Products have different serial numbers, customers can purchase in batch to customize the same serial number, which is convenient for software programming.
- Other items mentioned are not included, for demonstration purposes only. Thank you for your understanding!

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